Jan 9, 2010

1st Ballet Recital

Grandma's present to the girls for Christmas was this book rack. We set up a little library in the corner and the girls love it. We read in there together after breakfast most mornings.

Hannah is really into jumping.

Happy girls.

Since the holidays are over and we no longer want Christmas picture above the couch, I painted some simple landscapes for the den.

They are so grown up now!

Hannah had her first ballet recital today! She wasn't at all aware of what was going on at first but knew it was exciting. In fact she turned into a little diva! So I'm not so sure show business will be her most virtuous route. She told me to go here and go there. She told me she did not want her picture taken nor did she want to wear her red cape or do some of the moves. I finally convinced her to put on the cape. Her class did a Little Red Riding Hood routine. She found her friend, Sage, who was a fairy princess.

They even took class pictures! So cute! Can you spot her? I had to leave her sight at this time for fear she wouldn't go out with the others. Without me, she will follow the crowd.

That's her running across the stage. Anna and I agreed the most we would probably see from her were some blank stares and a couple of twirls toward the end. This is what she does in class sometimes. She gets so caught up watching others she doesn't have any interest in participating!
Anyway, she did do a couple of moves but from a seated position on the floor while her classmates twirled around her. At the very end, she jumped up and down a few times and ran over to another girl and leaned in to grin at her. Her amazing feats are all captured on video : )
We were proud she even went out in front of the crowd!

In her class the previous day, she wasn't copying Miss Rachel's moves so I called her over. "Can you do what Miss Rachel shows you?" I suggested. She nodded and smiled, ran over to the teacher who was showing the kids a move with her face on the ground. Hannah bent over and put her own face next to Miss Rachel's. "I GOT YOU!!" Hannah shouted and laughed. Of course the teacher found it funny, but I wonder how she got that out of my suggestion to participate in class? Who knows!

Our ballerina even received flowers for her performance.

With dad...

With mom...and still caring only about the flowers. We didn't get a picture with Nana or our friend Heather, but we did all go out for ice cream afterward! You can't give a performance and not get ice cream!

She got "pink."

And Chloe got a little of everyone's.

Hannah offered to share and then politely wiped Chloe's face for her.
Lately, I discretely asked Hannah if she would like to have another baby live with us. She said yes and that she needed another girl. We'll see on February 2nd!!


The Robertson Family said...

AWE, sooo cute! I bet this was exciting for yall! Hannah looking at the flowers was so sweet :)

melody said...

aw!! i want to see her performance so badly! haha-- i bet that was so much fun. :)

i like your little landscape paintings over the couch!

melody said...

oh yeah- and chloe's hair already looks a lot longer!