Jan 26, 2010

Moving Along

Chloe loves her books. I can also put her hair in pigtails now!

Hannah was feeling a little better earlier last week. Jessica and Lillian brought over some muffins for the girls to enjoy. They were gone in an instant!

Chloe watches Dax repair the fence. It's been bulging and bulging and one day when I drove behind the house, I saw that it had finally split and was open wide like a door.

Hannah went downhill again Wednesday and we returned to the doctor. This time she had an ear infection.

Thankfully, immediately after the antibiotics, she showed improvements- and with none of the typical side effects! Thursday she wanted to play so we got out the tea set. She insisted on wearing her gloves. It seems like it would make teacups a little tougher to hold but who am I to judge?

Sometimes the girls enjoys suckers in the car if we have particularly boring errands to run. Chloe grunted and whined after just receiving hers but we couldn't find it in her seat, especially while driving. Once we got home, it took me a couple of minutes to see it, but Hannah and I had a good laugh over where the sucker really ended up. Chloe was able to finish it happily.

Hannah requested this picture. Cool bubbles!

Such pretty days have come our way. We were able to take a nice long walk the other day, and even use the swing again in our front yard. Chloe loves to swing.

Happy girls in the warm weather.

When Dax took Hannah to the store yesterday Chloe kept herself busy while I showered. When I got out, she brought me a box of Cheerios. I thought this was weird because I had cleaned up and didn't know how she got into the pantry. It turns out the door had been left open when making the shopping list and Chloe helped herself. I followed her without her knowing and here she is deciding which box to take next, taking advantage of her new independence. I went back to the bedroom to await my gift.

Another box of Cheerios.

I knew she was trying to give me a message after 4 boxes of cereal made it back there. She earned her snack.

Hannah had fun making pizzas. They were very tasty. I went on to a book club meeting to enjoy mine.

We finally made it back to story time at the library. Chloe can't wait till the end when they dump a bunch of baby toys on the floor. The whole class she points to the toy bucket and smiles at me.

Today Hannah and I planted some herb seeds. We read the children's story The Carrot Seed first- one of my old favorites. She loved using her own watering can and doing everything the little boy did in the book. The old dead fern next to her will be replaced next time.

Proud of her work.

I got these little pot hangers for Christmas. We named them Tilly the Frog and Peter the Gnome.
Actually, the conversation went like this...

Me- Hey let's give the frog a name!
H- No. He's a frog.
Me- How about Tilly? (thinking of tilling the soil? : )
H- Nope.
Me- I don't call you girl, I call you Hannah. That's your name. Should we give the frog a name?
H- Yeah!
Me- Okay, what's his name?
H- Frog.

Hannah has also been requesting things and then saying, "That will make me happy, I think."

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melody said...

hmm.. i thought i'd left a comment on this already! i love chloe's pig tails!

haha hannah says the funniest things! "that will make me happy, i think" hahah! i wish i could listen to her talk all day long.