Feb 20, 2010

Just Life

Valentine's Day was also Forgiveness Sunday for us at church. Since those who will be fasting begin no meat and no dairy for 40 days, our parish has a tradition of going out to Beth Marie's Ice Cream Parlor this time every year. We all crowd in and enjoy our treats. I tried a hot chocolate float. It tasted good, but I didn't think about the ice cream canceling out the "hot" part and it was more like a lukewarm chocolate float. : )

Chloe couldn't get enough and barely uttered a sound while we were there, concentrating on her next bite.

Hannah's scoop was a little too big and it toppled onto the floor right away. We salvaged most of it. I thought she would be distraught about the whole thing and her little face was just staring at this mush on the floor, but she was fine with it.

Big mess.

Still not finished.

Chloe is getting more adventurous. She wants to climb everything, get into everything, get things out right after you put them up, etc. She found a cozy spot in her doll cradle and I've seen her reading books to herself in here.

Enjoying suckers.

This is Chloe's "uh-oh, you caught me" face.

This is her "yay! I'm not in trouble and I'm having fun" face.

Hannah must have her gloves now when she works in the dirt.

She is "soaper girl" with her cape.

Now she is humble Hannah.

This morning Hannah decided to do a Fairytale "Mash-up." She sang "Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell a Gingerbread Man."

She also just came in and asked me for cracker with butter. ? I told her that was kind of gross. Then I realized she meant peanut butter crackers.

Feb 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

For those few who haven't heard....It's a boy!!! Hannah and Chloe will have a little brother!
Unless some new name sweeps us off our feet, we believe we'll name him Colin Anthony.
Hannah's very interested in this. She tells me he's not big enough yet to come visit us, but she was very excited on her way to ballet last week saying her little brother was coming to watch her dance. She's even concerned for his welfare already. She didn't want me to get in the shower the other day because the baby would get wet.

Remember this awful sight?

Here is the exact same view 1 month later! I love progress and I'm excited to report you can send me into the garage for any random thing and I can get it within seconds. That's worlds apart from going in there for 20 minutes, giving up, and buying whatever it was all over again.

Grandma came to town! She was able to take a few days off to come see the ultrasound and we had a great time relaxing with the girls. Hannah even got to go the movies- a special treat.

Chloe has superhuman strength to stop cars in their tracks...and all while wearing a ladybug dress.

One day last week was wet and gloomy and I just couldn't sit around the house, so we ran around town and the girls finally got to wear their matching raincoats.

We found this fun art set at the thrift store while we were out.

Big Sister Little Sister is one of their favorite books and this is close to one of the pictures in there. Sharing food is something they love to do.

Thursday morning we woke up to snow!!! They were really anxious to get out and play but had to wait until daddy got home.

Hannah in snow dreamland.

All bundled up! We were headed out riht afterward so I put my socks over Hannah's shoes thinking that would shield some of the moisture. Didn't work. Poor Chloe kept tipping over. She was a little top heavy.


Here we are with our lazy attempt at a snowman. Let's face it, Dax and I can be pretty wimpy when it comes to temperature. After this little guy took a few minutes, I knew that was pretty much it. Plus it was 2:00 and we still hadn't had lunch!

We threw a few snowballs and let the girls marvel at all the white.

Then Hannah devoured the snowman's head.

Rosy cheeks. Chloe got a taste of the snow too and started chomping away. Definitely time for that lunch.

We spent the day out doing various things and one of them was trading books out at the library. The girls love this fish tank. We've been very tempted to get Hannah a couple of guppies for her birthday but I'm not sure about the added chore of feeding and cleaning on my part. In the meantime, my mom had suggested starting Hannah on a little more independence before the baby comes, so we checked out some books with cds so she could follow along with the voices.
After explaining the chime that told her to turn the page and sitting through a couple of books with her, I left her to try one on her own. I set her up on the first page and left the room. I came back several minutes later and the story was ending but poor Hannah was sitting there still staring at the first page! Another explanation later and she was announcing to us all when each page turn was due. I used to love books with tape and just assumed she would catch on quickly. But I also forget that to 2 year-olds, everything is so new, they don't automatically understand.

Dax checked out a very unexciting documentary about cathedral design. It actually had some cartoon elements but overall not something for kids. But these kids? They loved it.

Friday night Dax and I were able to have a date! We registered at Baby's R Us but need to go back to complete our list sometime. We went to a not so great movie at one of those dinner/movie places and had fun pointing out everything silly and obnoxious in the show. We enjoyed some ice cream and I finished the night with a book. A great early Valentine's Day!

Finally! We were able to visit Megan and family. I didn't get that many great shots but we had fun playing. We were treated to pizza and homemade oatmeal cookies. I just hope we can organize enough again for me to return the favor as Megan has played host so many times in a row now. We owe quite a few meals and treats!

Little Finley has started walking!

Chloe found her favorite toy. What's funny is we kept finding the girls in separate rooms, each playing with their sibling and not each other.

Settling down for a little Monsters Inc. Phoebe's got a great head of hair now but it takes a little taming with all those curls : )

We returned home in time for Father Justin to do a house blessing.

To leave you, I've collected a few stories and Hannah conversations, so here they are for those I don't chat to on a regular basis:

Hannah saw an old newspaper cutout of Nana rollerskating as a little girl. In the darkened photo she has her back turned to the camera mid-twirl. Hannah said," I want to see her face!" I told her she was turned the other way so we couldn't see. She said, "Maybe I can use a flashlight."

Hannah has a life-sized talking parrot we haven't pulled out in quite awhile. I thought the girls would like to play with it, but they were weary. He moves his beak and says all sorts of things, pretends to sleep, etc. Chloe backed herself against a chair so I set the parrot on the couch so they could watch him from a distance. He was chatting away and suddenly, Chloe's worst nightmare came true as the parrot launched himself headfirst off the couch in her direction. She screamed a kind of bear-like growl at it in terror and I felt really bad for laughing but it was too funny. The poor thing already wasn't sure about this thing and then it attacked her by accident, as of course jumping is not part of its normal abilities.

The other morning I put a little too much water in the instant oatmeal but didn't think much of it. I handed Hannah her bowl and she said, "Hey, I wanted oatmeal...not soup!" I was called out for that one I guess.

Still wondering about this baby growing in my stomach, Hannah told me one day she wanted to see him. I told her sure, someday. She promptly came over and looked down my shirt hoping to get a peek.

This morning I opened their door and said good morning. Hannah was very excited and said she had been "blowing food." Since their play food was all over the floor I asked her," You're growing food?" She said, "No, blowing!" I asked her to show me, wondering what this was about. She stuck a plastic pizza in her mouth and spit it across the room, then smiled proudly. (Ohhh- I get it). I told her that was a pretty neat trick. Then she says, "Do you think Daddy will like it?"
I told her I was sure he would.