Feb 20, 2010

Just Life

Valentine's Day was also Forgiveness Sunday for us at church. Since those who will be fasting begin no meat and no dairy for 40 days, our parish has a tradition of going out to Beth Marie's Ice Cream Parlor this time every year. We all crowd in and enjoy our treats. I tried a hot chocolate float. It tasted good, but I didn't think about the ice cream canceling out the "hot" part and it was more like a lukewarm chocolate float. : )

Chloe couldn't get enough and barely uttered a sound while we were there, concentrating on her next bite.

Hannah's scoop was a little too big and it toppled onto the floor right away. We salvaged most of it. I thought she would be distraught about the whole thing and her little face was just staring at this mush on the floor, but she was fine with it.

Big mess.

Still not finished.

Chloe is getting more adventurous. She wants to climb everything, get into everything, get things out right after you put them up, etc. She found a cozy spot in her doll cradle and I've seen her reading books to herself in here.

Enjoying suckers.

This is Chloe's "uh-oh, you caught me" face.

This is her "yay! I'm not in trouble and I'm having fun" face.

Hannah must have her gloves now when she works in the dirt.

She is "soaper girl" with her cape.

Now she is humble Hannah.

This morning Hannah decided to do a Fairytale "Mash-up." She sang "Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell a Gingerbread Man."

She also just came in and asked me for cracker with butter. ? I told her that was kind of gross. Then I realized she meant peanut butter crackers.


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i like that you all invade the ice cream place!