Mar 31, 2010

Sweet Peas

We're still waiting for a picture of them hugging that doesn't look more like a strangle.

Chloe is almost officially off her bottle. This was one of her last ones. She's slow to accept new things sometimes and after 3 or 4 months, she will now drink milk out of a cup. : )

She's definitely wanting to become more independent. She doesn't necessarily copy everything Hannah does, but she notices when she can do something herself: throw away trash, put up her laundry, put toys and books up. She's dying to put on her shoes by herself, but she must wait on her little body to learn coordination.

What is this?? Yes, this is Hannah's picture. We checked out several books from the library last week. For the first time, I gave her the little basket and let her choose all her own books. Whatever she wanted went in. I thought she would be super picky, but she always surprises me. She dumped a bunch of books in there and went on her way. Chloe actually looked at some titles. One book made it in that turned out to be perfect.- about an older Russian Orthodox lady painting eggs for Easter. She befriended an injured goose. I believe you understand the photo now. It does seem a little graphic, so Hannah was taken with it right away and asked for the camera. I left her alone with her subject, but the next day when Dax went through our pictures he said, "What is this??" It wasn't the goose he saw, but about 172 other pictures Hannah had taken around the house, mostly shots of the carpet, close-ups of blankets, stuff like that.

The girls spent forever cleaning this toy dog with baby wipes the other day. Just thought I'd share. That reminds me, yesterday they played in their room for awhile while I got some things done. I heard knocking so I decided to retrieve them. "Look what we made, Mommy! A mountain!!!!" They had somehow gotten to a full box of wipes in a drawer and pulled every last one onto the floor in a heap. Several minutes were spent shoving each wipe back into the tiny slit.

Hannah requested this picture as well.

And this one...I think she has an eye for the dramatic.

Thanks for the Easter present, Grandma. We love brightly colored spring clothes.

Pretty weather is here!!

One big project that's been in the works for a few months has been my brass quintet planning another demo cd. We were able to record it last Saturday and hope to hear the master an a couple of weeks!

I leave you with "Conversations with Hannah."

Me reading from a children's book about church. ..."And then Father Michael gives the sacraments." A few paragraphs later, Hannah says. "Yes, I like blue, red, pink...."
Me- "What are those colors for?"
"For the suckers!"
Oh, it does sound like Father Michael gives out suckers. : )

Me pretending to eat a rock.
H- No! We can't eat rocks!!
M- Why not?
H- Because you're only supposed to eat REAL food.
M- What kind of food is a rock?
H- That's OLD food.
M- What about a flower? Can I eat that?
H- No, they're special.

Hannah giving me a hint singing from Annie- "Tomorrow, tomorrow, you'll vacuum, tomorrow!"

Last but not least, I also let the girls pick out videos at the library. Chloe picked one called Getting Ready. That seems good to me. They are so slow getting ready, maybe this will speed up their process. I turned it on and left the room. Then Dax calls out, "What is this??" as he is known to do if you read above. I hear a creepy, slow, male voice talking about showering. When I look at the screen, he's literally in the shower scrubbing his hairy chest. Uh oh- I thought this was about how to tie shoes or something. Dax looks at the box. Oh! This is for special needs kids. They are literally going through every daily process....even if that makes us parents a little uncomfortable when Hairy Man starts scrubbing his legs. He also puts on underwear but they cut away just in time. Whew! There were several more uncomfortable moments that had Dax and me laughing. We let it play and decided maybe not to show it again. But the next day, Hannah asked for it specifically. "I want to watch the man who is so great at putting his clothes on!" She's now watched it 4 or 5 times and loves it. It does include his son and putting on coats and scarves and such, as well as some good spelling lessons, but still. I'm personally ready for the library to take possession again.

Mar 21, 2010


The weather allowed us to play outside quite a bit last week. The girls are able to enjoy their castle.

Hannah tries to sneak a peak at the neighbors' new goat...who is now seeing how long it will take him to eat our entire fence.

Dax works only minutes away from home but always calls when he's on his way. The girls usually want to talk to him and Chloe is settling in for her conversation while Hannah waits her turn. She took the opportunity to bite on Chloe's toes for a fun diversion.

Nana's birthday picture. I love Hannah's look of distaste for Chloe's tantrum. The tantrums are coming daily now as Chloe tries to express her self will. We've recently discovered she has a huge dislike- scratch that- hatred for wearing shoes without socks. We;ve tried it several times- trying on new sandals, just putting on shoes quickly for playing outside. She doesn't just throw a tantrum, she breaks down completely! Tears pour out of her eyes as if this is pure torture. She won't walk or move, just screams her heart out until we take off the shoes and add socks. She breathes a sigh of relief and takes off on her way. It remains a mystery.

I finished the run of Pirates of Penzeance at the theater in downtown Denton. Here is my lovely view of conductor, John, from my seat.

Here is the less lovely view of my actual seat! Haha. Soon Dax and I will play Dirty, Rotten, Scoundrels with the same company. We even get to sit next to each other! I'm not sure if he's as excited as I am about that but at least we get some time together without the kids.

It was so great to have Dax home for spring break. It also enabled us to spend time with some good friends. Megan and Scott came over for a game night. We had some taco soup for dinner, cake and ice cream for dessert, played some Wii games and a round of Monopoly.

Megan had a force of hidden aggression and beat everyone at boxing. The next night we had John (conductor from earlier photo) and Olivia over. We snacked and played more Wii games. I loved spending time with friends.

Wednesday we met a group of people at the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville. Hannah loved playing with the gravel. She glanced at the animals a few times, but was mostly intrigued when she saw a puffy, pink hat over a fence line. "It's just a little girl over there, not an animal," Dax told her. "Can I go see it?" she asked. Chloe was very interested in the animals. I would try and relate them to some of her favorite books and she would nod and smile in acknowledgement.

Daddy's girl. Hannah's been even more of a daddy's girl since he's been home the past week. She won't let me do the slightest thing, from wash her hands for dinner to give her a high-five.

This one will still have me : ) It was so unexpectedly cold that day!

Heading toward the giraffes.

This goat really loved Dax so I had to take a picture.

Chloe loved sliding to Hannah on the playground.

On Saturday the Bentons came over to play and Hannah received a Littlest Pet Shop set for her birthday. She's played with it non-stop. Maybe we'll need to get her a couple more animals to go with the set.

Sunday morning! The second March snow we've had since Hannah was born.

Dax and I surrounded by icy windows.

The snow was driving hard the night before and completely covered a lot of the street signs. Dax contemplated going his own speed on the way to church so we could contest we didn't know what the speed limits were.

Exciting huh? Well, our office redo has been in the works for what seems like forever. After listening to a radio show where a man was interviewed telling of the amazing benefits of checklists, I decided to make a very detailed one for our office in 5 Phases. We are finally to Phase 3. This is the "before" of the office closet, minus the huge amount of random stuff we had piled in there. We needed more storage so I took on my first wood and nails project.

The after! For those who do this kind of thing often, no rolling your eyes at the simplicity. Just be happy we got this far!

Now for a bigger change. When we first moved in Dax really wanted a navy blue office like his brother's. It's bothered me ever since! Ha. Well, we both agreed it was time for a fresher look and picked out a very pale green. In the interest of saving money, we took back a can of paint in a different color we hadn't ended up using and had them magically turn it green. The only problem is that pale was no longer an option. It's still pretty light, but more limey than we intended. We like it, though and will make this room into the office/playroom hopefully before the baby comes. The weeks ahead are extremely busy so painting will be slow going. I want the final result to resemble (if at all possible) the feeling of these rooms:

Mar 6, 2010

3rd Birthday Play by Play

Hannah 1st birthday

Hannah's 2nd birthday

Now our baby is 3!!! When you're holding your newborn, you always imagine them growing up and what they will look and be like. Our Hannah is turning into a lovely little girl we love even more everyday.

Friday morning we started off with some cereal and cinnamon toast.

We spent the morning blowing up balloons. Chloe was very wary at first, especially after I did the "blow it up and let it go" trick. Both girls tried to help blow.

Needless to say, they couldn't quite get the technique down!

We blew up a whole roomful! Well, at least 25.

Then we thought it would be fun to put faces on all of them.

Again, the technique was a little much for them, but Hannah used her creativity and gave me some pointers. Here are some samples. So now we have a large family of balloons in our house who float around with us and are fun to kick and smack.

While Chloe took a nap, Hannah and I baked some cookies....not from scratch as you can tell, but just as fun and cleaner.

While waiting for them to cool, Hannah prepared a bag of suckers to share with her ballet class later.

The doorbell rang and it was a box from Grandma and Papaw. Grandma already got her a subscription to a magazine. A fun encyclopedia and bendy sticks came in the mail today. We made glasses.

Time to decorate. She did a great job controlling the sprinkles.

It looks like Christmas in March.

On to Nana's for presents and cake. The cake is pretty cool, right?

Turning 3 means you no longer spit while you try to blow out your candles!

Chloe is up for cake anytime.

From Dax and me, she got a Tinkerbell backpack. She's been taking her overnight clothes to Nana's house in either a Walmart sack or a huge women's duffle bag. She also got a resupply of play-doh and a little stuffed dog with a carrier, brush, and the works. From Nana she got a handmade play dress, a bag of goodies, and....

a bigwheel! Powerwheel? Dax always has to tell me and I can never remember. Anyway, a toy with wheels! The princesses on top spin around and there are plenty of buttons for the pushing.

We took it outside for a spin. I love this picture. Taking little sister for a ride- both in deep contemplation.

Since Hannah was never interested in the little tike type wheels she had when she was younger, this was her first time trying to pedal. She liked for Dax to push her. She kept saying, "I want to go everywhere!!"

Then we went to ballet class where she wore a "Birthday Girl" belt. She's getting better and better in ballet. I taped the whole class and when I figure out how to splice it, maybe I can post some.

When it was time to pass out suckers, she grabbed the bag, ran to her friends, and proceeded to pull one out..only to unwrap it for herself! Ha. So Dax got up to assist.

We were hoping to have friends over to share cookies, perhaps fly kites, and hangout as Hannah's mini-party on Saturday, but illness struck our guests. The weather turned out better than expected so we took the kites out to the lake anyway.

A handy playground stands nearby.

Haha! I was a little early in catching this shot.

Did Chloe shrink? This was actually taken last year when we flew kites after Hannah's birthday. I thought I would compare then...

and now. Mostly because I like Dax's face in this one. What's so funny is last year we told ourselves we would do this more often. Exactly one year later, we fly the kites for the second time.

Chloe liked to get control of the kite and then throw the handle. Elmo kite only wanted to do loops and crash land, but the fish kite flew really well.

Also for Hannah's birthday I made her some word flashcards. She's been really interested in putting letters together to make words. She has a great Leapfrog video that's supplemented what I've shown her. She learned the letter names around a year ago and the letter sounds a few months ago. Now she can read words after 1 or 2 tries- CAT, HAT, STOP, RUG, RUN, NANA, and so on. (BALL is the one that gets her since A makes a different sound in that word). In fact she wanted to do them again today and almost flew through them all. I guess I need to make more cards!

Chloe is starting to say her first words. I have no idea if I already posted this, but her repertoire includes NOPE, YES, MAMA (or may-may if you want to get technical) and OFF.