Mar 6, 2010

3rd Birthday Play by Play

Hannah 1st birthday

Hannah's 2nd birthday

Now our baby is 3!!! When you're holding your newborn, you always imagine them growing up and what they will look and be like. Our Hannah is turning into a lovely little girl we love even more everyday.

Friday morning we started off with some cereal and cinnamon toast.

We spent the morning blowing up balloons. Chloe was very wary at first, especially after I did the "blow it up and let it go" trick. Both girls tried to help blow.

Needless to say, they couldn't quite get the technique down!

We blew up a whole roomful! Well, at least 25.

Then we thought it would be fun to put faces on all of them.

Again, the technique was a little much for them, but Hannah used her creativity and gave me some pointers. Here are some samples. So now we have a large family of balloons in our house who float around with us and are fun to kick and smack.

While Chloe took a nap, Hannah and I baked some cookies....not from scratch as you can tell, but just as fun and cleaner.

While waiting for them to cool, Hannah prepared a bag of suckers to share with her ballet class later.

The doorbell rang and it was a box from Grandma and Papaw. Grandma already got her a subscription to a magazine. A fun encyclopedia and bendy sticks came in the mail today. We made glasses.

Time to decorate. She did a great job controlling the sprinkles.

It looks like Christmas in March.

On to Nana's for presents and cake. The cake is pretty cool, right?

Turning 3 means you no longer spit while you try to blow out your candles!

Chloe is up for cake anytime.

From Dax and me, she got a Tinkerbell backpack. She's been taking her overnight clothes to Nana's house in either a Walmart sack or a huge women's duffle bag. She also got a resupply of play-doh and a little stuffed dog with a carrier, brush, and the works. From Nana she got a handmade play dress, a bag of goodies, and....

a bigwheel! Powerwheel? Dax always has to tell me and I can never remember. Anyway, a toy with wheels! The princesses on top spin around and there are plenty of buttons for the pushing.

We took it outside for a spin. I love this picture. Taking little sister for a ride- both in deep contemplation.

Since Hannah was never interested in the little tike type wheels she had when she was younger, this was her first time trying to pedal. She liked for Dax to push her. She kept saying, "I want to go everywhere!!"

Then we went to ballet class where she wore a "Birthday Girl" belt. She's getting better and better in ballet. I taped the whole class and when I figure out how to splice it, maybe I can post some.

When it was time to pass out suckers, she grabbed the bag, ran to her friends, and proceeded to pull one out..only to unwrap it for herself! Ha. So Dax got up to assist.

We were hoping to have friends over to share cookies, perhaps fly kites, and hangout as Hannah's mini-party on Saturday, but illness struck our guests. The weather turned out better than expected so we took the kites out to the lake anyway.

A handy playground stands nearby.

Haha! I was a little early in catching this shot.

Did Chloe shrink? This was actually taken last year when we flew kites after Hannah's birthday. I thought I would compare then...

and now. Mostly because I like Dax's face in this one. What's so funny is last year we told ourselves we would do this more often. Exactly one year later, we fly the kites for the second time.

Chloe liked to get control of the kite and then throw the handle. Elmo kite only wanted to do loops and crash land, but the fish kite flew really well.

Also for Hannah's birthday I made her some word flashcards. She's been really interested in putting letters together to make words. She has a great Leapfrog video that's supplemented what I've shown her. She learned the letter names around a year ago and the letter sounds a few months ago. Now she can read words after 1 or 2 tries- CAT, HAT, STOP, RUG, RUN, NANA, and so on. (BALL is the one that gets her since A makes a different sound in that word). In fact she wanted to do them again today and almost flew through them all. I guess I need to make more cards!

Chloe is starting to say her first words. I have no idea if I already posted this, but her repertoire includes NOPE, YES, MAMA (or may-may if you want to get technical) and OFF.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!

There is an easy way to splice video in Windows Movie Maker. You should have it already if you have a PC.

melody said...

haha i like that chloe says "nope" instead of no.

i love all of these pictures! they are the cutest sisters!- i love how her little tricycle thing has the perfect sized seat for chloe.

and your balloons were funny! i laughed out loud when i saw the faces