Mar 1, 2010

Tutus, Cassocks, and Concerts

Megan's daughter turned 1 this past week and had a tutu party. As I expected, Chloe fit just fine into one of Hannah's ballet outfits. She was so cute toddling around in it.

Hannah and her graceful pose. She has been participating much more in ballet class...and is still concerned over controlling the behavior of the other girls in class.

She's also concerned about controlling Chloe, also to be expected, although I did urge this one as I wanted to get them in the same picture. Chloe would have none of it. She's very independent like her sister and is also at the stage of realizing she doesn't always have to do what someone else wants!

Hmmm. The girls are maybe collecting books a little beyond their comprehension level. : )
This is actually for some research on my next writing assignment, but it found its way to a stack with "Jamberry" and "Cordoroy."

At Megan's house we had a nice time and wonderful food as always. Hannah took a nice picture here!

All the girls in their tutus.

We lined 'em up as is tradition.

Dax tried to outfit Chloe with a party hat but she didn't like the feel of the strap under her chin.

Murphy didn't mind!

Anyway, the last little while has been business as usual, but we just had a big weekend as two events did take place.

This is Metropolitan Jonah. Who? Well, a little over 1 year ago, he was the abbot of a monastery out west. He gave some talks in Dallas, and upon the notice of our Archbishop Dimitri retiring (who had served into his 80's) it was voted that Abbot Jonah serve as the new Archbishop, quite a high honor. He made such a wonderful impression everywhere he went, he was suddenly voted to be Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of America and Canada. Since our new Archbishop was suddenly taken, we have no replacement yet, and so in addition, he still serves in that position for the time being. That's one year of very unexpected and major changes for him. He was scheduled to visit our parish last year and it had to be postponed. Since he travels the world as part of his position, we had to wait until this past weekend. When someone like him serves your liturgy, it becomes a heirarchical liturgy. This means a lot of music and a lot of work for Dax, who was very excited for this day to come. The choir sounded wonderful and the service went very well. Met. Jonah stayed several hours to visit and answer questions as well as enjoy a feast! Unfortunately I had to leave for my concert...

...which we played here. Lone Star Wind Orchestra gave a chamber concert in the smaller hall of the Eisemann Center. I've been wondering what this hall looked like as we're always in the larger one (which had a 3D Juggling show during our concert). Anyway, it all went well, even the piece I was most anxious about. : ) This week I'll be playing Pirates of Penzance in Denton, a 2 act comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan.

I'll leave you with a couple of Hannah moments....I posted one on Facebook.

Hannah looooves learning letters, the sounds of letters, and now is wanting to put them together to make words. We work on it with scrabble letters and she's really getting it.....most of the time
:) Today she was looking at our globe. She likes to turn it and point to where she thinks everyone's house is. Aunt Mary Beth apparently lives in Scotland, Papa Hats lives in Antarctica. Today she sounded out the letters- "Aaaaaa fffff rrrrr iiiii ccccc aaaaa". I waited to see if she would put it together. Almost. "Hey! I spelled CAT!"

Lately she has begun pretending. One day it started with me giving her plastic horse a voice and a personality and now I hear her high pitched little voice giving life to objects all over the place. Today she kept muttering under breath wherever she went and while I was doing dishes she seemed to be talking to a dirty pot in the dishwasher. "Are you talking to that pot?" "Nope." she says. "I'm just talking to Cruella Deville." "Oh, okay." I say. Then I close the dishwasher. She looks at me. "Hey! I thought I was talking to that pot!"

By the way, of all the characters she's ever seen in movies, Cruella Deville is by far the most mentioned at home. Her name is sung, called, whispered, you name it. Hannah just loves the sound of it. I think it's the most clever name I've heard for a villain myself.


Svetleah said...

If I were you, I'd be concerned about that Feudal Society book. I think they're planning something.

The Robertson Family said...

Scotland would be an interesting place to live lol. The tutu party looks so cute!

melody said...

the tutu pictures are so pretty

that's funny about hannah and cruella deville!