Apr 22, 2010

Family Fun

A couple of weeks ago I took Hannah and Chloe to the Denton Redbud Festival at the Civic Center. The Redbud is a tree and people were selling lots of plants and trees there. They had plenty of indoor booths of different arts and crafts, a turtle exhibit, etc. And outside of course...bounce houses and food.

Hannah kept getting in and out of this one for the younger kids. She did not like it when older kids got in there and even told one boy to "get out!" She thought the attendant at the entrance was the dad of all the other kids and kept telling me their dad needed to get them out. "Dad" did a good job of protecting the younger ones so they could have a good time. I was proud of Hannah for trying the larger obstacle course next to this one.

After her friendship with the Easter Bunny Hannah apparently takes well to all human sized animals- still much better than to real animals. She now remembers this one fondly as the "Easter Bird."

The girls enjoy their first corn dogs together. At least their first ones with me. I thought they would gobble them up, but it took them at least 30 minutes to get these down!

I know this is pretty gross but I had to take a picture when poor Chloe couldn't even breath or eat her soup with this obstruction of peanut butter on her face! She kept trying to sing the blob into her mouth- ew! Don't worry, I cleaned her up right away : )

Another special treat for the girls is something we're trying to make a Monday night tradition. Beth Marie's (our favorite homemade ice cream joint) has opened another location nearer to us. Every Monday they have $1 junior cones and crafts for the kids. Dax and I decided we're going to take the opportunity to try new flavors we wouldn't have tried if buying a big cone. I tried raspberry truffle. He had his standard but will get more adventurous next time. I love to see the girls' happy faces over their simple chocolate and vanilla cones.

Hannah colors an Earth Day poster.

After the craft they get to pick out a balloon and head outside to the fountain. Hannah and Chloe chunk in some pennies and then run around a bit.

This one reminds me of a tabloid picture- "Out and about, the Stokes family stops for a cool treat at an ice cream shop, Chloe donning a Ralph Lauren (Walmart?) top and Hannah sporting a Calvin Klein (hand-me-down from a friend) matching shirt and shorts."

I love how the girls can be up to up to random activities every time I turn around. They put on matching hats and bit on plastic plates this day- whatever makes you happy! This morning, Hannah got completely undressed and before I could put her clothes on for the day, she told me she would be right back. She had to check on something. A couple of minutes later I found her naked, standing on the hearth, grabbing at air and pretending to eat it. Again....whatever makes you happy.

Dax turned 32!!!!! We celebrated with a little cake and ice cream. Anna made a large cake to take to church the next morning. Later that night Dax and I went to see Clash of the Titans. We laughed through most of it. He's always loved the original and this one did not hold up. There were even some good actors in it who performed like they were in a high school play! Halfway through Dax turned to me and said he was sorry. Haha- I thought we had a good time chuckling through it and it was nice just to be together.

One more cake picture- as if this blog doesn't have enough of those! From the look of this post, we only feed our kids junk food!

I put the girls to work in the garden (weedy yard). We cleaned out a flower bed which had grown into a forest. They found lots of snails and Hannah was very excited to have touched a green worm- caterpillar. I was impressed she tried- they are usually flitting about the yard trying to avoid every bug they see. I'm always trying to explain- bugs live outside! You have to get used to them!

We hung out at Jessica's house today. Hannah continued her fondness for dress up. Actually we went to a neat birthday last week and she played dress-up there as well. We didn't have our camera but she made a very cute ninja cowgirl. Today she dressed in fancier attire.

Even Chloe loved piling the beads on.

Lil and Hannah- fancy ladies chatting away.

Now there's a cell phone in the mix! No calling boys until you are 25!

Apr 9, 2010


Happy Easter- We weren't going to bother with Santa or Easter Bunny pictures this year since the girls are in a stage where they're afraid of their own shadows. However, I made a quick run to Walgreens and there stood the Easter Bunny waving. The cashier said they were taking free photos. I couldn't resist- especially since this bunny was much less scary than many I've seen. We stopped in on our way to church. Hannah felt this "Long Bunny" was her best friend. She hugged and hugged him. She cleaned up his Easter grass and photo props. She helped the photographer get other kids to say cheese. He even gave her a balloon from the display for all her good help. It just goes to show that kids can always surprise you. The non-surprise was that Chloe would go nowhere near him, thus no Chloe in this picture.

We dyed eggs on Thursday. Hannah added a plethora of football and fire engine stickers to hers.

Since our "Pascha" Easter service takes place from Saturday 11:30pm - Sunday 4:00am, I went to only about the first hour while Anna stayed with the girls. The next morning Dax slept in till about 2pm. We gave the girls their baskets right before we left for the afternoon church service and picnic. They were so enthralled with the first pieces of chocolate they saw, they hardly looked the the rest of the baskets until we got back home.

Just as it was time to leave, we couldn't find Chloe's shoes anywhere! We scoured the entire house until it dawned on me. She's been trying to put away her own laundry lately and since the diaper pale and laundry basket look similar, she's been throwing away her clothes. I checked the trash- new bag. So yes, we found her church shoes in the back yard stuffed in with dirty diapers. Yuck!

We made it to church successfully and took their annual pictures next to the pretty flowers.

I love that kids just go with the flow. They had no idea why they were carrying around colorful baskets, but hey, mommy gave them to us to hold, so let's hold them.

Getting ready for the hunt.

"How am I supposed to get to that one?"

The whole family.

Nana, Thea, and girls.

Sorting through the loot.

I stole this one from someone else. We love how Hannah is just sitting in the midst of all these adults concentrating on her egg.

Days have been prettier here so I love having lunch on the back porch. It means they graze more than eat, but it's moments like these that I think to myself, "This is what I've always wanted!"

Early on when Dax and I dated, he like to do this horribly gross facial expression where he stuck out his tongue in place of his top lip. I haven't seen that in years now....until his offspring picked the same thing up on her own!

Wednesday we went to our favorite Texas de Brazil with Anna and 'Rick and Raina' from church- as they always seemed to be called by a one unit name. Dinner was delicious as always and we returned to the house for some ice cream and chatting. This was an early celebration of Dax's birthday. I wish I had taken a couple of pictures. No, this is not what Hannah wore to dinner. On Thursday, we had a playdate at a friend's house with a couple of new moms I really liked. The host had a stash of dress-up clothes and for the first time ever, Hannah was interested. She kept calling herself fancy. Chloe was obsessed with a gigantic baby doll and stroller she found there. Of course, as a mom, I immediately start thinking about how to get Hannah some dress-up clothes and Chloe a stroller but then two things came to mind. Where in the world would those go in our small house right now? And, if I give them everything, going somewhere else to play won't be that interesting if you already have everything at your own house.

Today was a luxury for me because I "informed" Dax I would spend the day at Ikea, my favorite place to roam. As it can take a good 1-2 hours to walk through, I was excited to be able to take my time and go all by myself. On the way, I stopped to get gas and a fountain drink. I handed the cashier a $10 bill and headed out to the car. I was so excited about my special beverage I just drove off without pumping the gas! I didn't realize it until I was about 20 minutes away in another town and looked at the gas gauge. It was almost on empty. What? Oh no!! I called Dax to admit to him what a ditsy wife he had and he graciously called the station who held onto the cash for me so I could actually pump my gas later that day. Anyway, I had a great time wandering around Ikea and took tons of pictures of ideas I liked since we are redoing the office....slowly but surely. If you've never been to one of these stores, they have sample showrooms set up all over the place along with the merchandise. This is my very favorite room and I could just live in it forever. All white, with tons of light streaming in! How peaceful and happy. The best part of the store is getting to buy a fresh cinnamon roll when you walk out for only $1. I love that place!