May 25, 2010

2 Weeks and Counting

I had a baby shower 2 Saturdays ago and we had a great time. Anna made some delicious food. I think I went back for 4ths for every single thing! I also loved the turquoise and brown theme.

Someone actually had to point it out before I saw it, but Colin is spelled in cupcakes! Also the most delicious cupcakes I've tasted that I can remember.

Colin got lots of sweet clothes and gifts. This one says "Dad's BBQ Buddy" spelled out in ketchup and mustard. : ) Except for some house cleaning and a few errands, I think we are ready to go!
I know my sore body is - that's for sure. Although I know I'll look back on these last weeks and realize how good I actually felt. But that's how it goes : )

I looked up at breakfast yesterday and saw this. Hannah and I laughed and tried to point it out to her,but her little hands couldn't find it. I finally went over and took it off her head only to have the source of the sticky Cheerio revealed.

Yes, this is how she likes to finish the last few bites. Am I supposed to teach them table manners too?

So the following result was inevitable!

This morning we headed out to the store and noticed a beautiful butterfly on our doorstep. It was sitting right next to an open cacoon I never even noticed was there. It was slowly trying out its wings and I don't think it had even taken it's first flight yet. This was neat for Hannah because she likes the Crunchy Munchy Caterpillar book. She wanted it to be gone when we got back from the store, though and it was. Chloe was not a fan in general. Little girls afraid of butterflies? Yep, those are mine. They'll get over it when Colin grows up up and puts worms in their face.

For those of you who know I used to love sharks, at the store I couldn't resist this for $6 total!


The Robertson Family said...

I noticed the Colin in the cupcakes right away! I am so ready to meet him!!!

melody said...

wow that butterfly is beautiful!
also, I would like some of those cupcakes- they look delicious!
and I like the shark shirt!