May 31, 2010

Last Hurrahs

I've seen this on some of my friends' blogs and knew the girls would love it. They saw me spraying water in it from their seats at the breakfast table and when I came back in they were cheering excitedly. They ran out immediately and Chloe's first order of business was to scoop up a bucket of water and dump it on her stomach. Can you see how Hannah's side of the deck is dry compared to Chloe's side? : )

They busied themselves with it, playing as the toy was intended but soon discovered they could water all the potted plants by transporting water from the table. That's what they do with it every time now.

For our final evening with friends for awhile, we had John and Olivia over to cook out steaks and bratwursts. Dax made a delicious meal and we had fun chatting with adults! Discussing "Lost" and other such things. : ) Wish I had pictures.

Before Chloe was born, Hannah and I took a little outing to the lake (which I'll post a picture of at the end of the post for reminiscence) and now before she gets a little brother, I took her on another special outing last Friday.

First, she chose to have chicken nuggets for dinner. In her Happy Meal, she got a plastic cat that purred. She was pretty happy with that. She played with some kids on the indoor playground too. She couldn't quite get up the courage to climb very high so she kept calling the older boys, "Come on, guys! Come down here!" And what do you know- they did every time.

Next we went to see "Once Upon a Mattress" (the princess and the pea story) at DeGolyer Elementary in Dallas, where Megan teaches music. She put on another great musical this year. Hannah loved watching all the big kids sing and dance, wear fun costumes, the works. She was also very enthusiastic in her applause.

The kids did a great job and I expect to see one or two of them on Broadway someday.
They were definitely little actors and actresses!

On Saturday we went to Lillian and Mikey's 4th and 2nd birthday party. The theme of the party was "B" so breakfast foods were served, there were bounce houses, and everyone wore blue....except for myself who can only fit into 2 or 3 shirts now. Jessica knows how to plan them. Even the present opening was organized as mom helped daughter open and father helped son.

Hannah in her favorite place. They also turned the bounce slide into a water slide and she had a great time sitting at the top a little too afraid to slide down but happy with escorting the other kids past her. Finally I had to ask Sage to give her a little push : )

Right after the party, we went to Thomas Jackson's infant baptism at church. It's one of my favorite services- except when it's your own child being dunked under water- well even then. Thomas did great and I wish I had pictures of that too!

We were busy again on Sunday. After church we had an impromptu brunch at Rick and Raina's house. We were served homemade banana nut bread, blackberry pie, herby cheesy eggs, bacon, etc. All delicious! Dax took the girls to the church's Memorial Day picnic. I planned on joining them shortly but ended up sleeping all afternoon. I'm just getting so worn out now from the simplest tasks and the last few days we've been going non-stop.

Today we were able to spend time with Megan's family. Again we were served a delicious meal! Spicy beans and rice, quesadillas, and fresh guacamole. How come everyone can cook but us?
Well we can, but we can never seem to make it a high priority.

The two youngest find new treasures in the toy box. I also want to take Chloe out somewhere special before she becomes a big sister in 9 days. Maybe I'll take her out to the lake one evening and let her explore.

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