Jun 24, 2010

2 Weeks Old

Mr. 2 Weeks Old is doing great.

He's already reading....

...and plotting with dad to overthrow the women of the house.

We were excited to go to Nana's pool on Father's Day. I didn't get to swim- doctor's orders- but I really hope to next time. The girls are so cute in their floaty suits and sun hats.

Hannah was so excited when Dax got in and helped her swim. She was all smiles.

Colin and I chilled (or baked) in the shade for awhile and went back to Nana's house to really cool off. Then we went out for a lovely Father's Day meal at Cracker Barrel. Everyone was happy when Nana treated them to their choice of candy on the way out. : )

Monday we had the Benton clan over. They treated us to pizza. Hannah and Chloe thought something was pretty funny.

Lately Hannah likes to pretend with her friends that they are taking naps. They don't always participate, but I do often find them curled up in bed.

Chloe still loves to hold Colin. She's always very careful (maybe not in this picture now that I look at my hand!) but she smiles at him and ignores everything else going on. When he fusses she asks if he's okay and gives him a kiss. She also looks at me and says, "mine." She's happy when I tell her that, yes, Colin is hers.

Looking around.

Practicing for his future career as a police interrogator. This look makes them fess up every time.

We got a new swing- were happy to get a huge discount by taking the floor model. It's nice and cozy and he loves the white noise sounds. My typical way to get him to sleep is to step outside (my mom discovered this), he closes his eyes immediately. As soon as he looks like a goner, I cuddle him up in the swing and he's out for awhile.

It's been so great to have Dax home this week. Can't we all get free paychecks so everyone can just stay home and be with their families? He and the girls made this tinker toy helicopter. These are from my late Granny's playroom. My cousins and I played with these growing up so it's neat to have them for my kids...and Dax.

First sponge bath! We're still waiting for his cord to fall off before he gets the submerged experience.

Until next time!

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