Jun 17, 2010

Let's Back Up....

Since Blogger was down the last few days before Colin arrived, I missed out on posting a few pictures....and since this is technically our family scrapbook, I like to include everything. This post will bring us up to date on everything in the last couple of weeks. You might want to read it in shifts : )

Pictured above: two girls who love being wet and love popsicles!

Just for kicks, this is what their room looks like every morning. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, just putting everything they own onto the floor seems like a good idea to them.

This is what the girls do when they hear Daddy coming in from work. They love to "hide."

Just as Hannah and I had our final hurrah before the baby came, so did Chloe and I. We went out for donuts while Dax ran an errand with Hannah. She completely ignored the donuts (more for me!) and cared only about the juice box of which I had to buy a second.

We headed to the lake to wander around. I was sure I would have to chase her away from the water's edge, but she was pretty weary of it so I didn't have to put in any extra exercise.

We took some lovely pictures together. Little did I know we were sitting next to a ginormous snake hiding next to the tree about 2 feet away.

Last minute things came together... we finally have our icon corner back. This is a family prayer corner with all of our Saints, candle, etc. It's nice to finally have a quiet place to go...now if I could only find the quiet time to do it!

Thankfully we've been able to keep the girls' nighttime routine the same. Dax reads them a couple of books before they go to sleep.

Chloe is doing great in her bed and is all snuggled in. Not for long, though. We usually hear her laughing and carrying on a few minutes later. What's Hannah doing during all the commotion? Sleeping, of course!

Before the big day!!!!

This time I got to wear nifty leggings and textured hospital socks. The doctor was a little delayed so we had to wait a little past our assigned delivery time. Believe it or not, I began to feel my first ever contractions during the wait. I got to watch them on the monitor and even though they were very minor and irregular, I was glad I wouldn't have to find out how bad they could really get.

Dax is ready for the big show. I had some really kind nurses. One became very nervous when she found out she and the staff were being evaluated during my C-section. She was hoping I would request they leave, but I didn't mind a few more pairs of eyes, so she had to suffer through : )
She did fine and the group of people left right before Colin was delivered.

He's here!!

We get a good look at our boy!

Now everyone gets a good look. My dad took these through the nursery windows.

I love this one. First diaper change!

The girls meet their brother. Moments like this are so perfect.

They were both very excited. Chloe took (and still takes) to squealing every time she sees him.

Their second visit to the hospital looked a little more like this. Haha!

All settled in our room.

And this is most of what I did for 3 days, with or without the baby in hand.
Now for the montage of people holding baby Colin....



Nana...with the air conditioning blowing her hair.

Proud Dad.

Father Justin

Aunt Mary Beth

Aunt Melody

Megan...I know, I know, sorry Megan, I was looking at the baby of course! : )
Louise and Becki also visited but we didn't manage to get pictures.

My family was having a great time entertaining the girls.
They got to swim at the hotel pool, and later at Nana's pool. Boy, I wished I was in shape to do that, but I was busy taking pain pills.

It's hard work being a big sister!

My family got to see Hannah's ballet class.

She always admires herself in the mirror first. What 3 year old can pass up a huge room-lenght mirror?

Hmmm. Something strikes me as a little backwards in this picture.

After a very long wait on day 3, we were released from the hospital around 9:30pm. Poor Dr. Noble looked pretty tired and weary.

Headed out the door!

We stopped by the hotel to bid farewell to my sisters and Dad who had to head back to Tennessee. We got to do a couple of fun things, but I wish I could have spent more time with them! We're all looking a little worn out. : )

We settle in at home with Grandma getting to stay for the entire week!

Rick and Raina came to visit.

Anna got Dax a Flip video camera for Father's Day. It's such a great gift!!! So easy to use and everything I pouted about not being able to do with our old camera is so simple with this one. The girls can even watch the video right away- no rewinding! My early birthday present also came in the mail- a wonderful mini-laptop where I can finally store my own stuff without everything getting lost on our main computer. My writing assignments and projects can all be in one place now, too.

Grandma has kept the girls very busy and they've loved all the quality time she's spending with them. I've loved it too, not only so they can get to know each other, but it means I get to rest (especially in the mornings) and have someone helping with the day to day chores.

Saying cheese while eating cheese!

They work on tracing and line drawing.

Lots of coloring.

Hot pizza!

Chloe loooooves to hold Colin (that video and more to be posted soon). She gets extremely upset when we take him away.

Wait, didn't we have a real baby? This one looks like one of those porcelain dolls you order out of a magazine!! Haha.

There he is! He gets more bright eyed everyday. Colin is a great baby, pretty predictable, and basically loves to eat. It's no secret I've had trouble with nursing in the past. This time is proving only a little different, but I do have to say this is the best it's gone. He's gaining weight great and he's a sweet little guy.

Our monkey.

The whole family!

I like how he coordinates with his seat.

My mom took some pictures of Hannah. They played in the flowers, potted a new plant to replace my dead one out front, and made cookies! I found a plate of warm cookies and a glass of milk waiting for me on the bed when I got out of the shower today. Now you can't beat that!

Hannah and Colin. One day she woke up and said, "Where's that little boy?"

Chloe is happy if Colin is near.

1 Week old today!!!!

My favorite picture yet. Some quality time with Dad.


The Robertson Family said...

I loved reading all of this!

Becky Hooper said...

Colin really does look like a porcelain doll! Handsome boy. Glad he likes to eat and that he's gaining weight.

And as always I so enjoy the great photos of Hannah and Chloe. It is impossible to not smile while reading your blog.