Jul 28, 2010

7 Weeks Old

He's still working on fitting into the next sized outfits, but he's getting big!

Chloe has "transition hair" at the moment so I'm trying to keep it out of her face. Who can resist this grin? I can't....and she knows it. : )

We hung around the house one day and renewed our interest in the Wii. I started doing some regular exercises after Christmas, but then stopped when it got too uncomfortable. Dax has kept up with it pretty regularly. Once I got back on the other day, my Wii Fit trainer told me it had been 146 days since my last visit. Really? Time flies. Anyway, I try to do a bit of the yoga, but Hannah has me running most of the time. She likes to run this 9-10 minute course. She doesn't stop! I, however, am behind her with the controller, waving it with my arm so it thinks I'm running, but I'm really moving my heels and even stopping at some points. I'm so out of shape. Hannah is good about turning around to check me, though, so I don't stop for long. Here, Chloe gives it a try. They like a penguin game that works your balance. He plops into the water if you're no good!

I gave her some tips on bending her knees.

Hannah's turn.

Colin is more and more alert every day. Some days a little too alert. Go to sleep!!
Haha- Really he's doing very well at night, but during the day, he just naps here and there, no more sleeping for long periods. And he likes attention!

Pleading his case. He even dresses to express his feelings.

But he also gives sweet faces like this.

3 sweet faces. Do you see the resemblances?

Colin had his first play date today! Or rather a "Let's lie here together at the same time" date.
Thomas was born in April so they are pretty close in age. We hope they will be good buddies.

Such rambunctious boys already- look at 'em go!

Jul 24, 2010

6 Weeks Old

Another week, a bigger boy!

Our usual spot.

Some tummy time.

Grandma's here! We had a wonderful week with grandma. We took a couple of outings but mostly "relaxed" around the house. As much as you can relax with 3 kids. : )
Hannah rides the mall escalator with Grandma.

Hannah poses in the display window. We went into this store so my mom could try on a few shirts. After awhile she noticed she couldn't find the shirt she had actually come in wearing. We looked all over and finally Hannah said, "Oh, I took it." We said, "Well then where is it?" She said, "Umm, I don't know," kind of shrugging her shoulders like it was no big deal. We later found the shirt stuffed under a rack of jeans along the wall!

Chloe heads for her favorite part of the play area.

Grandma and Colin hang out nearby.


The siblings can all sit together now.

They let me join in.


Cutie Chloe

This is how he consistently likes to sleep now. A cushy seat propped inside a pack n' play, swaddled and strapped. Whatever works!

We had to say goodbye to Grandma but the kids got a lot of quality time with her.
Can't wait to see you again soon. We love you!!

Everywhere we go, it seems they have one of these at the house. Chloe makes a run for it and guards it carefully. Now she has one of her own! Beep-beep. Of course she promptly fell over in it and got her arm stuck, but she recovered and is back in the driver's seat.

Then she was wrangled by her big sister into pushing.

Ready for his debut at the Sip and See- (kind of an after shower party).
Come on- get a little more excited!

That's better : )

Jessica sets up all the finery. She brought a beautiful cake (posing as the gift on the table) some cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and delicious punch, and a bunch of big balloons. The guests all had a great time laughing and chatting. So much that I totally forgot Thank you everyone for a memorable day and for honoring our new baby!!

2 of his gifts- fun monogrammed bags. : ) Can't wait to use them!

Jul 18, 2010


The girls had fun playing with Finley and Benton kids. The all got fairy skirts and wands.

Little big guy.

We are really making the rounds with birthday parties lately. At this one, the girls got to paint their own aprons.

Chloe wearing her painting t-shirt.

Lindsey and Chloe work on the project.

Gary plays guitar so Hannah joined in on an hand drum. They jammed for awhile.

Jul 16, 2010

Lost and Found

So I think a couple of pictures fell through the cracks of the last 2 updates. Forgive me if there are repeats. This is Colin's 2nd bath. He enjoyed most of it. I was alone for his first bath, so no pictures there since my hands had to be on him at all times.

Cuddled up with daddy after the bath.
(not in a straight jacket getting a spanking : )

We got a new-old piano! For free! The girls love it and I was surprised I could still play some of the old tunes I used to practice. I'll have to play Fur Elise for my mom when she comes in a couple of days. It's been 2 or 3 years since I did that. I first heard it on a McDonald's commercial and loved it, so my dad took me to buy the music.

Jul 13, 2010

5 Weeks Old

Well, I actually took this one a day early, but that's okay.

Saturday we went to a playgroup cookout. Hannah and Chloe got to see lots of their friends and all the parents got to hang out. Lots of good food, too!

Chloe and Isaia spent quite a bit of time with the bubbles.

The men spent a lot of time playing ladder ball. I didn't get a shot of Dax playing.

Goofing around at the top of the slide.

It's giraffe riding time!

Chloe shows Colin her Christmas snowglobe she found at the church garage sale. He quiets down when the music and lights turn on.

We're getting an occasional grin from him now!

But mostly confused looks.

Another grin!

And a sweet face too.

Boy, I have a goofy sister!