Jul 3, 2010

3 Weeks Old

Congratulations, Colin, on now surviving 3 weeks with 2 big sisters!

Another Tinker Toy creation. I think it's a boat. Dax took a picture of it, so I'm assuming he wanted it published :)

Mini-Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella enjoy their luxurious accommodations courtesy of Hannah Stokes.

A little while later, I see the girls have gone their separate ways- maybe a disagreement?
Sleeping Beauty bunks with Blue Giraffe...

...and Cinderella finds Blue Monkey and Purple Cell Phone to her liking.

Now the big girls decide to rest by the front door.

Then Daddy comes home.

Enjoying a nearby park! Well, their faces don't say it, but we had a good few minutes.
Colin has been very restless the last couple of days, but the girls are very patient with his fussing.
The worst criticism he's gotten is when we were all riding in the van and he was crying while Hannah was trying to listen to the music. "Colin, I can't hear!!!!"

They like to wait for each other to climb the steps so they can go down together. : )

Happy Birthday to me! It was a rather chaotic day with the 3 kids at home. Hannah was feeling sick and tossing her cookies onto every blanket we covered her with. Chloe needed a nap badly, and about 10 other things were going on. So we had a mini-celebration. Hannah really wanted to help me blow out the candle and we were all thankful it was only air that came out of her mouth. Haha.

Happy 4th of July too! Hannah told us repeatedly she wanted no part of fireworks this year, Chloe's bedtime is about 2-3 hours before fireworks start around here, and it's probably not a good idea for a newborn to be near loud explosions...so no fireworks this year. The girls are staying at Nana's and I'm hoping Dax and I can pack the baby in the van and find a nice spot to enjoy them from afar. In any case, I wanted to do a little something to celebrate. I found these tiny flag templates on Martha Stewart's craft blog. I thought the whole family could make them and we could decorate the yard...or something. Well, Chloe ended up napping again, Dax had to work on some church music, so Hannah and I taped and stapled little flags onto sticks we gathered from the yard (we didn't have toothpicks). We stuck them around the mailbox. Semi-festive at least!

Then it rained about 5 minutes later. Orange, white, and blue flags.

Today they are just smeared, mixed colors. Oh well. Some people have it together, and right now, I'm not one of those people. At least I can get a laugh out of that fact...usually. : )

Mr. Colin, Mr. Man, Little Man, Colly Wolly

Anna got me some material to form a baby wrap. I'm not actually being attacked by a green monster with peach feet. This will really help me at church and definitely at home. I'm learning there is simply not enough of me to go around! He's sleeping "like a baby" in his wrap as I type this blog.

Last but not least. I learned you cannot wash chenille blankets in the machine. This is Hannah's comforter after the chenille attack. Everything in the washer looked like this. So I looked at the culprit's tag- oh, it says hand wash only. The worst thing is - I realized since this fact was new to me, it means we have never washed that blanket. Hmm. Well, it's in the trash now.
I'm hoping our dryer is up to the job of some major lint removal.

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