Jul 7, 2010

4 Weeks Old

Vroom vroom.

We went to a couple of cookouts this past weekend. Dax is carrying around some buffalo burgers here. Apparently tasty, but very stinky to me.

The girls played in the church playground and made mud cakes.

Susie Homemaker

We also got messy with some watercolors.
At first Hannah wouldn't play with them. The colors were all mixed from last time.
"They're too dirty!" she said.

Then they painted themselves.

Hannah said she was a cat.

Chloe could be a cat or dog!

Full body paint.

And time to get clean again : )

Colin's wearing his little kicks for the first time. I looove baby shoes, impractical as they are.

Hannah played in the rain the other day. A moment of pure, jumping joy!

...and then she started throwing these weird gang like signs! Haha. I got some video of it. I know, I know! I will post all the videos. I will.

This one is a little tamer : ) Funny girl. We've had several playmates over and some visitors.
We've got another swim/cookout this weekend so I'm sure there will be more wet pictures to come.

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