Jul 13, 2010

5 Weeks Old

Well, I actually took this one a day early, but that's okay.

Saturday we went to a playgroup cookout. Hannah and Chloe got to see lots of their friends and all the parents got to hang out. Lots of good food, too!

Chloe and Isaia spent quite a bit of time with the bubbles.

The men spent a lot of time playing ladder ball. I didn't get a shot of Dax playing.

Goofing around at the top of the slide.

It's giraffe riding time!

Chloe shows Colin her Christmas snowglobe she found at the church garage sale. He quiets down when the music and lights turn on.

We're getting an occasional grin from him now!

But mostly confused looks.

Another grin!

And a sweet face too.

Boy, I have a goofy sister!

1 comment:

melody said...

i still feel so sad for not getting kayla one of those giraffes! i will never forget her face :(
i'm glad it is still getting good use-- what else was i going to say...
oh-- ladder ball looks interesting!