Jul 24, 2010

6 Weeks Old

Another week, a bigger boy!

Our usual spot.

Some tummy time.

Grandma's here! We had a wonderful week with grandma. We took a couple of outings but mostly "relaxed" around the house. As much as you can relax with 3 kids. : )
Hannah rides the mall escalator with Grandma.

Hannah poses in the display window. We went into this store so my mom could try on a few shirts. After awhile she noticed she couldn't find the shirt she had actually come in wearing. We looked all over and finally Hannah said, "Oh, I took it." We said, "Well then where is it?" She said, "Umm, I don't know," kind of shrugging her shoulders like it was no big deal. We later found the shirt stuffed under a rack of jeans along the wall!

Chloe heads for her favorite part of the play area.

Grandma and Colin hang out nearby.


The siblings can all sit together now.

They let me join in.


Cutie Chloe

This is how he consistently likes to sleep now. A cushy seat propped inside a pack n' play, swaddled and strapped. Whatever works!

We had to say goodbye to Grandma but the kids got a lot of quality time with her.
Can't wait to see you again soon. We love you!!

Everywhere we go, it seems they have one of these at the house. Chloe makes a run for it and guards it carefully. Now she has one of her own! Beep-beep. Of course she promptly fell over in it and got her arm stuck, but she recovered and is back in the driver's seat.

Then she was wrangled by her big sister into pushing.

Ready for his debut at the Sip and See- (kind of an after shower party).
Come on- get a little more excited!

That's better : )

Jessica sets up all the finery. She brought a beautiful cake (posing as the gift on the table) some cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and delicious punch, and a bunch of big balloons. The guests all had a great time laughing and chatting. So much that I totally forgot Thank you everyone for a memorable day and for honoring our new baby!!

2 of his gifts- fun monogrammed bags. : ) Can't wait to use them!

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melody said...

he's so cute!
haha-- hannah is so funny posing in the window-- and that's so funny about her putting mother's shirt somewhere!