Jul 28, 2010

7 Weeks Old

He's still working on fitting into the next sized outfits, but he's getting big!

Chloe has "transition hair" at the moment so I'm trying to keep it out of her face. Who can resist this grin? I can't....and she knows it. : )

We hung around the house one day and renewed our interest in the Wii. I started doing some regular exercises after Christmas, but then stopped when it got too uncomfortable. Dax has kept up with it pretty regularly. Once I got back on the other day, my Wii Fit trainer told me it had been 146 days since my last visit. Really? Time flies. Anyway, I try to do a bit of the yoga, but Hannah has me running most of the time. She likes to run this 9-10 minute course. She doesn't stop! I, however, am behind her with the controller, waving it with my arm so it thinks I'm running, but I'm really moving my heels and even stopping at some points. I'm so out of shape. Hannah is good about turning around to check me, though, so I don't stop for long. Here, Chloe gives it a try. They like a penguin game that works your balance. He plops into the water if you're no good!

I gave her some tips on bending her knees.

Hannah's turn.

Colin is more and more alert every day. Some days a little too alert. Go to sleep!!
Haha- Really he's doing very well at night, but during the day, he just naps here and there, no more sleeping for long periods. And he likes attention!

Pleading his case. He even dresses to express his feelings.

But he also gives sweet faces like this.

3 sweet faces. Do you see the resemblances?

Colin had his first play date today! Or rather a "Let's lie here together at the same time" date.
Thomas was born in April so they are pretty close in age. We hope they will be good buddies.

Such rambunctious boys already- look at 'em go!

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melody said...

i like the picture of the three of them laying down looking up at the camera! it reminds me of one of our pictures when we were all little