Aug 13, 2010

2 Months Old

These weekly growth pictures have been really fun. I'll probably stick to monthly from now on.

My artistic shot for the week. I call it "Tiny Toes."

Napping amongst the chaos.

"Pip, pip. Cheerio."

"Who are you lookin at?"

"Hello, my dear."

Dress-up Chloe

Dax and the girls built a church.

Hannah tries this cycle every day hoping her legs have grown a little longer.

She loves her brother

This book from the library inspired us to make paper princesses of our own.
The girl in the story makes one for herself, but cannot decide on what kind of hair to give her.
Before she can give her hair, the paper princess flies off into the wind for her own adventure only to return to the girl in the end, but with a full head of hair.

The flying princesses.

We give them some color. I would have made my own, but I was commissioned to do some coloring on theirs.


Hannah's, who must have gotten into some blueberry pie.
I enjoyed this little craft. I've decided that if we really like a particular book, we should try do do something from that book- an activity, an outing, a craft, whatever strikes us.

That same day, the kids were really pushing the limits with behavior. All three were crying on a whim and driving me crazy! We finally decided to brave the heat. I put the baby to bed, grabbed the monitor and settled into the swing with a magazine. The girls had a great time turning their water table into a mud table.

We've been trying to get some exercise everyday before Chloe's nap. Mostly that includes Wii Yoga, running, and maybe some cycling and crunches. Today, we replaced the running with some Dance, Baby, Dance! I used to do this with Hannah when she was an infant. All four of us had a great time and the girls even held hands (Chloe doesn't usually like that) and danced the morning away.


melody said...

cute little colin!!! he seems so sweet.

and i like the idea to do activities with whatever book you read.

The Robertson Family said...

I love how Colin's outfit matches the blanket!