Aug 7, 2010

8 Weeks Old

A little bit of chub is showing up, but I think he'll be a trim baby like Hannah was.
He's still got time, though.

Our sweet girls! Chloe is really exercising her voice now. She copies almost everything Hannah says and gives me the most adult facial expressions. You can tell she really observes people even if it doesn't seem like it. She's always been sneaky. Her favorite things to say are, "Oh man!!" (Swiper the Fox from Dora) and "Knock, knock!" Who's there? "Meee!" She also says "me" when we ask her for her name. She's also putting words together for little sentences. "Daddy book here." Stuff like that. Hannah uses new words every day. Words she said this week- "delicious" "actually" and "Statue Olivia" (Statue of Liberty)

The girls are starting to argue more. I think this is because Chloe is finding she can do anything Hannah can do (except jump) and they of course want to do the same thing at the same time. They don't necessarily compete for attention in the same ways, which is good. Hannah wants to discuss things and have everything explained. Chloe wants to hug and sit in your lap and just show you what she think is interesting, which could be anything from a pencil to a bug on the floor.

Here they are at Colin's baptism in their matching dresses. We love to match!

With Nana.

Waiting for the service to start.

With Mommy. I'm smiling just like Melody here. What? No pictures of Colin?
You're right. We stopped taking pictures because a parishioner started taking them.
He takes great pictures for the various events at church so he got plenty of good shots.
We just don't have them as of yet. I'm sure it will be the very next post, so stay tuned!

Hugs and smiles!

And smirks.

Colin is beginning to sleep through the night! He's gone from 4-6 hours lately and even a 9 hour stretch one time! I don't want to speak too soon, but we may be getting well rested soon.
He has also laughed twice now. The first time I was just making my usual sounds and he surprised me. The second time I was pretending to snatch his hands. He thought that was a neat trick and gave me this husky little boy laugh. So cute!!! Of course I'm trying to grab at his hands all the time now for a repeat performance but he just looks at me like I'm crazy.

Looking for someone his own size to play with. He found plenty of playmates but they didn't have much to say. They all just stared into space.

So the girls are taking advantage of the buyer's market right now. They called an agent and got themselves a great deal on a low interest mortgage. They moved in right away to a brand new pad.

Their first dinner in their new home.

Pretty soon they will have to deal with all the insurance, water bills, etc. But for now we're just letting them enjoy it.

Pool time! I never turn down an opportunity to swim. Unfortunately I always end up swimming fully dressed. All I have is a maternity suit, which doesn't quite fit so I just cover up and enjoy myself anyway. We were invited to a faculty swim party from Dax's work.

Slam dunk!

It's that time of year again. Birthday girl Phoebe levitates in excitement over her party.

Chloe couldn't understand why no one would open the gifts she took around to all the adults.
The hosts weren't quite ready for tons of little blocks to get lost in their living room.

Everybody got awesome party favor bags. Tutus, sunglasses, coloring books, stickers!

The Benton/Stokes Conglomerate- just 4 short years ago, the one on the far right was about to be born. (Actually she's a niece). Then came all these others!

We made it home from the party to get ready for church. Colin helped with the music.

So after all this, I somehow complain to Dax that we don't do anything. Maybe it takes keeping up with a blog to tell me otherwise. Even Colin knows better. : )

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melody said...

i want to hear chloe talk!

and you saying that smile looks like me! i guess i do do that smile a lot haha