Aug 19, 2010

Colin's Baptism

At the ready...

Service begins with testaments said by the godparents.

Father Justin blesses the water..and we also check the temperature. They pour boiling water into cold water before the service so it will hopefully be a comfortable temperature by the time of the actual baptism. It was boiling hot! So they tossed ice water into the tub and we stirred until it was a comfortable lukewarm all the way through. : )

The dunking! I was very anxious as always about this part as you can tell from my stance in the back. He did really well, though and even kind of looks like he's smiling although we know he is thinking "What just happened?"

Chloe watches quietly. We had been to an infant baptism just a couple of weeks before so the girls knew all that would happen.

The seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit. Father paints holy oil on his ears, forehead, lips, chest, hands, and feet.

This is my very favorite part and I always tear up. It's such beautiful music. The words are "As many as have been baptized unto Christ have put on Christ. Alleluia!" They process around the table 3 times with the newly illumined baby.

The cutting of the hair. It was hard to find any!

Another teary moment for me. There are so many details about this service and every single word and movement is for a reason. It's an ancient tradition and now Colin has the Holy Spirit with him throughout his life. We are so happy we live in a place where this is not only possible, but it's celebrated.

Colin's cake

Parents and godparents.

Paige (Angelina) and Robert (Reader Benjamin) with Colin (Anthony)!
If I haven't put it in previous posts, Paige went to school with us at UTK and she met Robert when she moved to Memphis and started attending an Orthodox church. They are both such wonderful people. Too bad they live all the way in Chicago. I don't think there is anything in the world that would convince them to live in this Texas heat, but they were nice enough to make the big trip out here for a few days and even leave their own 2 little ones to be with us.

A little over 3 years ago this picture would have been just me and Dax. It's amazing how things change.

Nana with Colin. She made him a beautiful white suit for the big day! I wish we had gotten a close-up of him in it. Courtesy of my mom, we'll get his portraits done in a month or so (at the same age we did the girls) so we'll try a couple of shots in it then. Maybe he'll fill it out a little more too.

First communion. He's in there somewhere!

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