Aug 19, 2010

New Activities

Making falafel! Since friends are going to be busy with work and school starting this week, it's way too hot to go outside, and it's too expensive and difficult to take 3 little kids anywhere adventurous during the day by myself, we are trying to make our own fun at home...

So we built a cool fort! Or castle as Hannah called it. Okay so I constructed it while the girls wondered what the heck I was doing to our den. But once I crawled through and demonstrated, they thought it was pretty cool. See Hannah peeking out of the "front door?" It even has a guardian lion (giraffe) and a driveway. I used to love making these when I was a kid, but I liked to curl up with a book. This time we played witch and princesses- Hannah's request after watching Dora.

The loveseat also served as an infirmary where I was ordered to sleep while the doctors took care of me. Sleep? Fine by me.

I am not a baker of anything. We usually buy the tear-off Nestle cookies, but this time we actually made cookies from scratch and let the girls do the pouring and stirring. They had a great time and Hannah took it very seriously as she does most new things. They were very anxious for the part where they actually got to add the chocolate chips. The cookies turned out great and I'm sad to say they are almost gone.

As I mentioned before, I'm trying to add an activity in with some of the books we read to make things a little more interesting around here and to give them a chance to experience a few new things. This one has been a favorite in the house for years (3 years : ) Each letter has a little phrase and a baby making the facial expression. We tried out some of the expressions with the pictures as examples. Some worked, some were a little more difficult! I have a few here and we did do some out of order.

A is for Angry- Chloe was trying to say "cheese" for the camera!

B is for Bashful

D is for Drowsy- they didn't quite get this one.

C is for Cheerful- Chloe was focused on the baby's mouth.

E is for Embarrassed

F is for Frightened- Haha

I love this one. S is for Stubborn

K is for Kind- They were trying to do the hands on cheek pose of the baby!

Q is for Quiet

Y is for Yucky

And Chloe calls it quits.

Hannah and I do W is for Whiny

After that, we worked an "emotions" puzzle I grew up with. Granny had it in her playroom and I snagged it and many other memorable toys after she passed away. She would have loved this post!

Tuesday we had over our pals the Dykes and Long families for lunch and playtime. It's just easier now to call it a picnic rather than trying to sit a tables. It also allows the moms to chat without having to worry about serving their kids the whole time. We all had a great time. Lillian and Sage are off to preschool soon so we will have less of these opportunities.

10 weeks old! I couldn't resist.

Trying out the bumbo chair. He still needs a little more head support because he wasn't too thrilled about it.

Here is Chloe in the Bumbo chair. It seems like yesterday. Look at that grin!

And here she is today. Still loving the Bumbo and we still can't resist the grin.

Lastly, this week we got some new books from the library and this one was pretty cute. A little fox moves into his new house to find a monster under his bed. It turns out the monster is lonely and wants a friend so he becomes a member of the family. Hmm- what activity could go with this?

Hannah usually gets her tv time during Chloe's nap and Chloe rarely watches anything. They have never watched a movie together. So I carted them all off to the store this morning for some essential items and we picked up some popcorn. Hannah sang Pop- Coooooorn! through the store. When we got back, I settled them down with the big bowl between them and got Monsters, Inc. on the instant queue from Netflix that goes straight to the Wii. So convenient!! They ate all the popcorn and then decided halfway through the movie that something was too scary. Hannah was laughing through most of it and Chloe isn't phased by that kind of stuff usually so I was surprised. But Dora the Explorer saved the day as always : )

Funny things- Chloe dropped her chicken onto the floor one day at lunch. She looked down at it and said, "Oh well." Hannah was relaxing on the couch yesterday and suddenly said, "Mommy! I can't see my face. I can see my legs and my toes, but I can't see my face!"

I also posted Colin's baptism pictures so keep scrolling for those!


melody said...

hahaha the quotes at the end are so funny! i can't believe hannah thought that- it's so interesting that she realized that. haha!

the emotions were funny- it was a good idea to do that.

and i love the fort- i want to play in it! i bet they had a lot of fun with that.

The Robertson Family said...

Preston's class just watched Monster's Inc. and ate marshmellows! Can you guess which letter they were learning? Colin is getting so big.....oh I hope to see him soon. WOW! Is that the fort yall were building when you text me for an idea cause yall were bored??? OH,now you have me wanting to do the facial expressions with Kayla and Preston!!