Sep 18, 2010

Pascha Art

I've completed the illustrations for the 2nd book of a friend from church, both for children.
Her first was about Lent- I believe I posted pictures forever ago. This one is about Pascha. The monastery that's publishing it hopes to have it out by Lent in the spring! I thought I would post a few since I'm very excited about finishing this project.

Pascha is the Orthodox term for Easter. It literally means Passover. The book begins with this picture of the original Passover.

Pharoah looking out over his people.

Palm Sunday

Betrayal of Jesus by Judas. These stories are covered throughout the days of Holy Week.

Holy Communion

The purple robed Jesus with crown of thorns. A tamer version for the kids.

The procession around the church at Pascha. The priest has changed into white.
Throughout Lent, the vestments are purple.


The Robertson Family said...

I am AMAZED! These pictures are Wonderful

melody said...

did you use water colors and colored pencils? these are so pretty- you did a great job! i always love your drawings.