Sep 9, 2010

September Already?

Time is certainly flying. Little Colin turned 3 months old today! We sang Happy Birthday for him at the dinner table.

This is Hannah's trick. She's allowed to hold him for 3.3 seconds. But she's pretty good at it!
He looks so big in this picture, but he's still tiny to me.

What? You never know what you're going to find these girls doing if you leave them for just a second. Chloe decided to try the potty. Not much resulted from it if you know what I mean, but at least she was interested. It feels a little daunting to me to think about starting this now. May days with them can be overwhelming sometimes. If she shows interest again, I'll probably get out her special potty and let her really try. She's still not even 2 yet, so who knows.

Smiling boy! And drooling boy! All his shirts are immediately soaked.

Timber!!! Still his favorite trick.

He also likes to watch his feet, kick around, and is more aware of his surroundings.

Are they cleaning up or making more of a mess? I think you know the answer.

They headed outside to be helpful there instead. : )

The girls totally rejected their lunch today. What's so wrong with ravioli and sliced apples? You would have thought I put a plate of dirt in front of them. It turns out that would have made their day. I caught Chloe actually feeding herself a spoonful of dirt twice! Mmmm. Grainy.

The girls are so fun to watch. They get along like sisters for sure- it's a love/total annoyance relationship. Tonight they were trying to kiss each other good night and bumped noses. Hannah's really hurt so she burst into tears. Chloe came over and kissed her. Then she retrieved Hannah's water from the living room and gave it to her. So sweet! I always catch them doing nice things for each other like that. They also surprise me. The last couple of mornings I've gone into their room after they've been playing for about an hour (after waking up and before someone opens their door). Chloe has been perched up on the changing table each time. She has trouble getting onto the couch! Anyway, she can get up but she can't get down. I guess she's fine with sitting up there while Hannah plays down below. She's never unhappy when I go in there. Instead, she tries to get first dibs on what we should have for breakfast. Today she shouted, "Waff-waff?" (waffles)

Chloe has also found her play soul-mate. A tube of chapstick. Neither girl cared about pacifiers, blankies, stuffed animals, etc. They've never attached to an object. At Nana's house Chloe loves to play with the "lips" which are basically tubes of lip balm, gloss, etc. I've never really given her anything like that, but suddenly today she asked for lips with a big grin on her face. I remembered I actually had assorted colored chapsticks I had stored away. I gave her one and her day was made. Hannah destroyed three of them while Chloe held onto hers for 3 hours before her nap and from after nap to bedtime. She opened and closed it. Smiled at it. Put it on her lips and nose. I even saw her rocking the tiny top like a baby! I took it from her so she could have a bath and promised to give it back afterwards. Of course she came running for it when as soon as she was dry. She took it and about 10 minutes later returned to me. "Mama?" "Yes?" I said. "Thanks." Then she ran off again! I love it. The two have been separated for the night, but I assume the relationship will continue tomorrow.

In Hannah news, she's developing into her Hannah personality more and more everyday. She's extremely practical, loves to be in control, and loves to be very silly at the same time. She also loves details. We're having a couple over for dinner tomorrow night and she informed Dax that we did not have enough chairs. She tells me when I missed a spot while wiping the table. I'm told when I have "forgotten Colin" when we are heading out the door, without even getting the chance to pick up his carseat! I'm also asked to watch while she does the same goofy jump 32 times in a row : ) I was reading her a story the other day about a boy who rode his bike into his mother's flower pots and toppled them. "Oh no. What should he do?" I asked. I expected her to say clean it up, since that is practical and helpful, but she surprised me yet again. "Nothing," she said. "Why not?" "Because he's not real. He's just a picture." Well, she's right. She's always right.
: )

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melody said...

i wish more than anything that i could sit at your house and observe! i want to watch hannah and chloe together.
that picture of colin sitting up on the couch made me laugh- his little facial expression is funny!
and i can't believe chloe would try to use the bathroom by herself! it's funny to think of the conversation she and hannah might have had that made her go try it.