Oct 27, 2010

The Big 2

I apologize I'm just now getting to update the blog. Just had to wait until I had a larger block of time...and even now I only have a few minutes left! Grandma and Papaw came to visit us last week! On Thursday, we did a little shopping and my dad took a couple of fun pictures.

I like Chloe and her encounter with a headless mannequin.

After Dax got off work, the weather was better than expected, so we visited the little pumpkin patch down the road.

....and they had a bounce house. As the van approached the patch, the girls squealed like you've never heard before when they saw those.

Funny faces but sweet girls.

I try to show off how Colin can stand a little and he tries to prove me wrong.

So we had another plan.

With Grandma and Papaw!

Mommy and son.

Proud moms.

She said, "It's a snarecrow!"

On Friday, we relaxed until Dax got off work. Then my mom treated me to some shopping and a movie. A rare thing! We had a great time.

Saturday was Chloe's birthday!! Just before the party, the weather didn't look so good. There were storms coming in, bows and hook echoes (for you tornado fans) on the radars, and also sirens. Our siren is 2 doors down so we can't miss it. Dax got down some of the heavier items from the hall closet so if we had to take cover we wouldn't get pummeled. I took comforter off beds to cover ourselves in the tub. My dad watched the radar and my mom said, "Well, I'm going to make a sandwich!" She was pretty hungry - haha! I began to wonder if anyone was going to be able to come, but thankfully everything died down. We put the house back together just in time.

I came up with a little activity for the kids in order to avoid a running, screaming mob! :)
It turned out well. I wrote a little story for Chloe's birthday and the kids got to "fill in the blanks."
There are a couple of videos below.

Then she opened presents! She got some ballet clothes and accessories from Nana. My parents gave her the party, a couple of fun stuffed animals and a dinner set. She also got a singing broom, a set of books with a princess crown, and twin dolls with some amazing hand crocheted outfits from Megan. We got her a new supply of play-do, a microphone, and mini-magnadoodle.

Colin had fun being passed around. Until that running and screaming happened I was talking about. He wasn't so sure about that. The camera was stubborn about taking pictures during the candle blowing, but we do have video below! Chloe was so sweet when she realized all of this was for her. She loved being the center of attention.

Grandma and Papaw had to leave as did some other guests. Others stayed behind to enjoy their party favors and purple suckers. Our theme was purple and lime green! Overall it was a great time.

This guy is close to rolling over.

Chloe later in the evening on her birthday.

It's time for the next step. He's growing so fast. We pulled out the exersaucer and he loves it.
Hannah and Chloe made sure to show him the ropes.

We got all dressed up in our monkey best to have dinner with friends Mark, Wendy, and baby Thomas. We enjoyed some burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream. How can you go wrong?

I told Hannah to put her hand on her hip to see if she could be prissy for her picture. Then she wouldn't put her hands down! Very obedient : )

I realized I haven't had a good close-up of Hannah lately so she made a sweet face for me.

There's a ponytail back there somewhere. I promise I didn't chop her hair off. When we got to Mark and Wendy's she was concerned that her barrette had fallen out. She sighed. "I guess I'm only a little bit pretty now." When we left it was dark. Of course I thought nothing of it, but the girls stepped outside and their mouths dropped. "Wow!!!" said Chloe. "I like the dark," said Hannah. We put them to bed pretty early and the sun is usually still out since it's summer. It truly has been a long time since they saw true night time- haha!

My wonderful parents came into town and helped us in so many ways. My dad took down part of the dead tree that was stuck up there for so long. Then he got me a lovely bench so I could enjoy the front yard. I've wanted one for three years, but diapers usually come first on the shopping list! Our front yard is so pretty in the afternoon with the huge trees blowing in the wind and the sunset across the street. Below are the videos I promised, and the last one is Chloe being goofy.
Oh, and since the day she turned two, the tantrum switch has been turned to "on." Here we go!

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melody said...

that story game idea is neat! it seems like they all enjoyed it.

i love the video of chloe dancing to the phone.
and i'm glad mother and daddy got to be there for her birthday!

colin is looking very handsome also!