Oct 18, 2010


Texas doesn't get that much in the way of fall colors, but our backyard tree is hinting at the season.

We recently acquired a bag of lemons, so what better to make than lemonade?
It took awhile, but it was delicious!

I'm glad we only served the lemonade to our family, because I think the girls tried every one.
Here, we show our bitter faces.

Mine's not so cute.

Dax and I decided it would be fun for us to carve pumpkins together after the kids went to bed. It was spurred on by watching a carving contest on the food network. We thought the scooping out of the innards would be fun for the girls. Once again, they proved us inaccurate and they were incredibly squeamish. Hannah touched the pumpkin this one time. Chloe wouldn't go near it.

Until she accidentally stepped in some goo. I'm surprised the police didn't show up, her screams were so loud! Geez!
I attempted to toast the seeds. They weren't so good. As for the carving, I didn't exactly plan out the timing too well. We didn't have many nights free after that and the pumpkins went ignored...and they melted. So no amazing pumpkin carving feats to show you. Sometimes that's how things go.

One of our afternoons just hanging out. We had fun with the camera. Being a stay at home mom is very exhausting, but I do try to have a good portion of our day be as low key as possible. I read those "Day in the Life of..." this mom or that mom in the local magazine and it seems there is a contest. The busiest mom wins. It almost seems like moms are bragging that they run kids from one activity to the next, their family says "hi" and bye" as they pass each other throughout the day, they barely get meals, etc. Yes, some days are like that, and of course I love to give the kids experiences, AND I do feel like I'm very busy sometimes, but during weekdays, I try to keep it to one outing a day or every other day, and spend much of the time at home getting to know each other, and experiencing our home life together. There's plenty to do here! When we go out, I can feel free to chat with other adults as the kids play, or let them experience other kids with freedom from my hovering because I know we've had plenty of quality time. Maybe I'll post my own "Day in the Life of Amy" just for fun.

I love this one.

Hannah missed the memo saying we had moved on to a happy face photo.

Like Mother like daughter.

The little man. It got a little chilly that day.

A cool, new playground opened up.

We read something in a book about a girl standing on her head. I used to do that a lot- even in high school. Who knows why. So we gave it a try.

Hannah took this picture. This is as far as I got- I could not at all do a headstand.

Colin's second picture interjection. Sweet boy!

Zoo! The girls have not had a trip to the zoo in about a year. Well, we went to the smaller zoo around here, but there aren't many animals, it was FREEZING, and the girls weren't too interested. We decided to surprise them simply because most things we plan ahead of time and get them excited about...fall through. I know kids need to learn to deal with disappointment, but they are too young to know why anything falls through, so they don't really have a way to understand it. Anyway, we made it! We got out of the car in the zoo parking lot and decided to reveal where we were. I thought I would be creative and sing Barney's zoo song- one of Hannah's favorite DVDs. But apparently I'm a bad singer and she didn't get it. Then we asked some leading questions. Nothing. Then I spelled it- Z-O-O. Then Hannah said, "zoo?" No reaction from either of them. I filmed this whole process, but it was rather drawn out so I won't post it. Thankfully they got excited as they started to see other families and we got closer to the entrance. As I've said before, the Fort Worth Zoo is exactly where they filmed Barney's zoo DVD, so it's fun to see all the same spots. I think Hannah grew a little tired of us pointing them out : )

He either sees angels or a beautiful tree. Either way, he's in awe.

I loooove these 2 orangutans. I took some great pictures of them back when Dax and I were childless and spent a day here together. These two guys look like they are in the mafia to me.
They have such personality. It looks like they've got a secret deal going.

The bigger one is already disguising himself as a little old Russian Babushka using a feed bag.

Hannah's favorite was the giraffe. Chloe really loved the tiger. He even roared a few times for us.
As we headed to the elephants, Hannah asked me what the surprise was. I reminded her it was the zoo.

The lion environment is very pretty.

We enjoyed a little picnic in a shaded spot. The weather was beautiful.

My favorite picture this year!!

How far can you jump? Are you a flea, a frog, a grasshopper, or a mere human?

Colin is showing promise. Maybe he'll be the long jumper on his track team.

The 4th or 5th foolish picture of me on this post. : )

Okay, it wasn't that cold Sunday morning, but it was chilly, and I couldn't resist putting him in his new little hat. As for the weekly pictures, they will still be compiled on a folder, but I think I'll give you a break. : )


The Robertson Family said...

Colin is getting soooo big! We haven't had time to go to a pumpkin patch yet. I can hear Chloe squealing now! hahaha. I am glad yall had fun at the zoo.

melody said...

hahah- that picture of the orangutan with the bag over his head is so funny!

i also like your lemon face picture- haha i like all the neat activities you always come up with. (making lemonade)