Oct 10, 2010


Happy 4 month birthday!!

Making his "cool" face while playing with trains at the library- or rather barely holding it.

Hannah got this swing for her 1st birthday and they still love requesting to spin when we get home.

She's getting pretty big for it.

Now that the computer is in the den, it's easier for me to help Hannah with her computer games. We don't own any yet, but she loves to go on Nick Jr. Their preschool games are great and their menu is easy enough for her to use. Each time she gets on she asks me for a little less help. She's already sent in her application to MIT.

Colin's room. This time last year, the room was a navy blue carpetless mess! Now it's a cozy space for Colin as well as a nice space to play for everyone during the day. Since he sleeps through the night consistently (even goes to bed when the girls do!- I hope our luck there continues!) there wasn't much reason to keep him with us. His daytime naps made it hard for me to go in and out of my bedroom with laundry and a thousand other things. I haven't finished decorating it completely. His bedding set (acting as a play crib cover) will be perfect when he inherits Hannah's white toddler bed, but we will never need the bumper. I plan on using that material to put a little color up in the windows without making full sized curtains. I also have a plan for what will go on the walls.

16 Weeks and drooling- and you thought I would forget.

Mr. Blue Eyes. Every single time I look at my kids' blue eyes, I think of my Granny. Apparently my mom's eyes turned from blue to brown at age 3(?) Anytime I talked to Granny she would ask me what color their eyes were and then tell me they might not stay blue- as if she really wanted them to turn brown, although I know it didn't really matter to her. I would say, "No, they are very blue!" But she always reminded me of how she thought my mom had blue eyes at first. I would always make some joke about it and make her laugh. Both of my grandmothers have always gotten my sarcastic sense of humor. Maybe that's where I got it! Anyway, although Granny only got to meet Colin when I was pregnant with him, I like to think she's up there enjoying his pretty blue eyes and thinking they might just turn brown. : )

He's discovered his feet and looks for them as soon as he's lain down anywhere.

For Chloe's party, I thought we would entertain the kids by making pretzels, and the adults could enjoy picking different toppings. In order to do that, I needed to practice first. Hannah and Chloe helped me make the dough and we had fun rolling it out. Well, they had fun squishing it.

They turned out very tasty. The cinnamon sugar were the best I've ever had. I'll have to make some for my mom when she visits. Dax liked the garlic parmesan, and we had a couple of plain salted ones, too. I did learn, though, that this will not be a good party activity for the age kids we will have. It was a little too time consuming. I also envisioned everyone forming fun individualized pretzel shapes, but no matter what I shaped the dough like, they all came out pretty similar- like blobs! Anyway, thanks Alton Brown, for a successful recipe!

Cheery little guy.

He's still pretty bald, so the golf hat was the way to go in such bright sun. I think it suits him : )
I couldn't be a prouder mom. I totally understand now why there are "mama's boys" out there and why sons can get away with anything. He's just the sweetest thing. He's very mild mannered and if you meet his gaze he can't help but give you a big grin and then shyly turn away. He loves to laugh and loves to be startled. The girls surprise him and yell Boo! enough for me to jump. I almost warn them not to scare the baby, but he cracks up every time. I'm going to have a very hard time giving him away to a wife someday! He's mine!

We went to the Cumberland Children's Home Fall Festival this weekend. We chuckled at Chloe trying to lift a pumpkin, but then she went ahead and lifted it. Strong girl! We didn't take any home because the "newest craze" the sign described referring to the hideous bumps on every pumpkin wasn't exactly what we were looking for to prettify our porch and fireplace. They would look pretty cool in scary decor, though.

The girls were very enthusiastic about the bounce houses (I spared you the pictures- I think you've seen enough) but not so much about the chicken faces. They didn't quite get the purpose.

Hannah loved the baby pig. I know, piglet. I overheard one lady saying she would rather have a potbellied pig than a dog. I have think I might agree! Imagine the fun coming up with names for that pet.

Considering her fear of anything nonhuman that moves, Hannah loved the pony also. As it went around the track she had a look of complete nonchalance as if this were an everyday thing. It made me laugh.

The girls also got to sit in a fire truck. We live next to a fire station so it was fun for them to see it up close rather than watching them go by our window at lunchtime. I always admire Hannah's ability to ask for what she wants. I've missed out on a lot in life because I was too afraid to speak up. Hannah walked right up to the firemen and said, "I want to try that." He put her right up there and she enjoyed exploring.

Chloe is never one to be left out. "Me toooooo!"

Dax likes to give lectures. He volunteers for them!! Not me. Anyway, he gave one talk this semester about the Constitution (the paper itself) and another about his favorite topic- Vampires. Again, not for me-haha : ) Check out his self-composed flyer advertising the event.
Everyone in attendance loved it and he's been requested to give it again on another campus in March as well as post his power point online.

Here's what I've been up to. I've done so many musicals over the years and today in the pit (the 8th time I've played the show this week) I got to thinking about the positives of such a job. If you are hidden like we were in this production, you get to wear street clothes. You also get to munch on all the snacks from the greenroom right at your seat. Have a couple of bars rest? Grab some M&Ms! Have a whole number off- read the next chapter of your book. Also, you get some entertaining moments. What was that crazy sound in the monitor? Why is that cast member standing right behind me talking on the cell phone right before he's due onstage? What was THAT costume? The actors might add funny bits to their regular lines. You might look over and the pianist guy is wearing a frilly hat and a shawl. The bassist might have on a sombrero. Actors like to drop off their props now and then. You have fun hanging out with the other musicians (although these days I kind of keep to myself and enjoy the silence. You can understand). You get to compare audiences. Yesterday's laughed at everything. Today I couldn't tell anyone was out there! Sunday afternoon crows are always "dead" though. : ) Sleepy after church brunch I suppose. Anyway, it's not a bad way to make some money, and most of all, you are entertaining the masses. At least the masses in Denton for now.

Oh, and I showed Hannah the scene from the movie where Barbara Streisand sings "Don't Rain on My Parade." Highlighting what I said in my last post about Dax and I causing the girls to be too cautious, Hannah couldn't pay attention to the music because Barbara had left her bags at the dock and then she was standing on the edge of the boat and that was unsafe.

Finally... You've been wondering what they've been doing this week...

Hannah made them walk the plank.

And then served up a lovely communal spaghetti dinner. I found this in the hallway when I came home one night, so it could have been Chloe too.

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