Oct 5, 2010

Mid-Week Videos

I'm heading backwards in time to bring you never before seen footage- unless I forgot I posted it in which case you can watch it again! Sit back, relax and enjoy the early cooing sounds of Colin. Watch his first kicks. He's now much more intentional about playing with those toys. Then listen to Hannah and Chloe's "favorites" interview. I'm copying my dad's videos of us growing up. I hope you understand the answers. I'm used to hearing them talk so I don't know what's clear or unclear to other people! Then Hannah gives a little concert where she sings the traditional kids' songs "wrong!" She learned it from Dora. "I know a song, but I think I'll sing it wrong." Please excuse the fussy baby in the background. Then the girls do some Wii running. At this point they understand how to work the remote, but when I made this video, they really thought they were running on the screen. Meanwhile I was behind them moving the remote up and down. : ) Last but not least is "Go Baby Go." This is a couple of months ago when we found out Colin likes to sit up on the couch and maneuver himself onto his face. The girls began cheering him on and they still like to do it. Chloe frequently requests "Go Baby Go."

1 comment:

melody said...

i love hearing chloe's voice! and hearing hannah singing!
my favorite part was when you said she didn't have any dinosaur toys, and she goes, "ok" and makes that face! haha