Oct 2, 2010

October is Here!

It's my favorite month of the year! October! It's so fun to see the three of them together. They love their seek-and-find books from Grandma.

Since the weather has been so great, we've tried lunching outdoors. This is the calm before the storm. These girls think flies are terrible, scary creatures, so they screamed and squealed until I finally brought us all back in. I talked to them about toughening up, but they would hear none of it. Dax and I decided maybe we are warning them about too many things (your soup is hot! watch out behind you! be careful with that stuffed animal!) Well, maybe not that extreme, but we think we are probably giving the girls a little too much caution in their daily lives. We just don't want to see them hurt, but it's about time they learn some things for themselves- like flies are only annoying, not dangerous.

Our munchkin, who is always sweet even if flies are around.

He's still trying to figure out who he looks like. To me, he changes from moment to moment. n this picture he looks completely different than the previous picture! Here he looks a lot like my dad to me.

Is there a sweeter boy anywhere? Socks in the heat? His little feet get so cold and clammy!


15 Weeks and eating his left hand like last week.

What in tarnation? We had a special delivery!

As we disassembled the girls' room, Chloe got very confused and a little out of sorts even though we've been telling her about it for a month now. Too young to retain I guess. Her ills were eased when they were allowed to jump on their mattresses.

Dax puts together the new sleeping quarters. Poor guy hammered his finger and injured himself in some other way too. I can't remember now, but he sacrificed for his girls : )


Checking out their respective beds.

Some fun bed pillows are in order, I think. That dresser came to us a lovely green color. Then I painted it white...then...black..and now back to white. It has served many purposed in the Stokes household. The room is complete! It's so bright (not in this picture), cheery, and simple in there. We all love it, and I especially like to walk past it during the day.

I think I will leave their name signs up for awhile.
On to Colin's room!

I'm ready to have him and all his belongings leave our bedroom. Although I will miss waking up to see his smiling face right next to my pillow. I left this blanket covering his feet and the bear in his lap. I guess he had some fun when I stepped out of the room.

"What you talkin' about?"

Cheeky Chloe enjoys dessert.

Animals again? Yep. I'm not sure what these four are up to. I guess they're about to storm the fireplace. They look pretty organized. Only Hannah knows.

She has played with those animals every day for a month now. I haven't found any little fences or barns to go with them like I thought I would, so Hannah and I created a little environment out of a box top, some construction paper, and felt. Now those little trees won't be underfoot for us adults either.

Finished! Colin has his own little quilt now. I bought the navy blue material before Chloe was born and imagined it would make a fun quilt if I ever had a boy.

See my propeller design? Well, I was too stubborn to actually draw with a template so I free-handed, so it's a little wobbly, but my stitches are getting a bit more uniform. I have another quilt in the works that will actually be done all by machine!

Since this is our family blog, I do make Dax take pictures every so often that we wouldn't normally take. This was a special day- my day off! I left at 11 and came back after dinner. I hit every thrift store I knew of, had lunch at Subway (the kids don't eat sandwiches like that so we rarely go) listened to my old radio station in peace, and a thousand other "me" things. I feel refreshed.

A couple of fun things- When Chloe wants me to put something back in its place she says, "Put it at home." Hannah told me the other day that Minnie Mouse has "tippy shoes." I looked and M.M. was wearing pink high heels. I asked Hannah why they were tippy. She said, "Because you have to walk on your tippy toes."

The videos below are from awhile back, and I'll start posting them a couple at a time.
The girls are doing Wii yoga. While Hannah stretches, observe why we sometimes don't bother to pick up the house- or stack books neatly in the corner.


melody said...

i love their new bed!
and those farm animals lined up made me laugh! i wonder what the scenario was that she was thinking!

i also love the quilt- it looks really good!

and i'm excited that you're going to start putting videos up. i liked the yoga ones.

melody said...

and i also like that you got to have a "you" day-- it sounded like a fun and relaxing day!

Svetleah said...

Wow! Hannah looks exactly like I do when I try to do yoga ;)

The Robertson Family said...

The girls room is lovely! I bet they enjoy having more room to play. I have two barns at my house that the kids picked out at thrift stores but they still play with them. (We don't have any barn animals though, they use Toy Story dolls,lol). I am glad you had a fun "me" day! Now, i just need you to go enjoy a day at the spa!