Oct 29, 2010

Two Tutus

Chloe's been waiting 18 months for this! She got to join Hannah in ballet class today as she is now 2 years old! She looked very sweet in her new purple (of course) ballet gear.

They practice some moves before we leave.

Hannah offering an unwanted sisterly hug :)

I happened to be in purple too.

Class got off to a great start. After so many months observing, Chloe was super excited to jump right in. We couldn't stop smiling.

They do their stretches.

She's just happy to be there!

She does some work on the barre....while Hannah tries to lead the class in her own suggestions of what they should do next and demonstrations of how it should be done. That's the oldest child for you!

And then there was a lull. Chloe kept running to Nana to say hi, grin, and return to her spot. Her visits grew a little more frequent so I kindly told her to stay with the class. She didn't have to run back and forth so much. Apparently, this totally burst her bubble. She pouted and cried, rolled on the floor and sighed, etc. etc. I felt like I ruined her first day!! Then I remembered, she's 2. I can never predict how she's going to react and I was only trying to guide her. Dax took her in the hallway for a bit to get a fresh start.

Then she was back in the game. Especially when it was time to pretend to be tigers jumping over a fire. It's the highlight of the class when each student gets to run and jump by themselves. In my humble opinion, Hannah always does really well at this and we were curious to see what Chloe would do. We posted a video below!

Since the girls were going to stay at Nana's for the night, they visited the trick-or-treating party at the office of the Children's Home. Hannah told me earlier today she wanted to go to Nana's Festy Balll again. It took me a minute to realize she meant festival, so she was pleased an activity was going on. They conveniently went as ballerinas!

We have never even said the word trick-or-treat so they were new to the whole getting-free-candy thing. We are still not fond of the holiday and don't plan on doing much with it in the future, but getting some candy and playing dress-up with friends is fun rather than bloody and scary! We'll embrace the harmless parts while they are still young.

Starting to get the hang of it. Tomorrow night they will make an appearance with their brother dressed as...you'll have to see. And Sunday night, they will make an appearance dressed as...again, you'll have to see. And every costume free! Just thought I'd add that.

Just had to share his weekly picture this week. He had just gone to the doctor for his shots. He's sporting Cars band-aids (and a drooly shirt) and the girls have kissed his band-aids many times now. Hannah even comforted Chloe (who didn't end up needing any shots) and Colin before the doctor's visits, promising kisses to everyone.

Semi-happy guy.

Chloe has been trying to give up her naps no matter how I beg and plead. I do it not just for me, but for Hannah, who gets some alone time while Chloe's asleep, but for Chloe herself. She's visibly so tired in the afternoon, but she stubbornly plays and plays in her room. At least she's getting some alone time too. Well, this particular day I decided to forgo the nap to see what would happen. A Stokes family first. She fell asleep out in the den and what looks like a very uncomfortable position. Hannah even ran over and said, "BOO!" not realizing she was really asleep. Chloe didn't even budge so Hannah offered a baby doll as company.

More or less comfortable? I'm not sure.

Meanwhile, I had to wash the cushion on Colin's seat so he was stuck with a nap on a real mattress. After some fussing he fell asleep but didn't stay for long. I snapped a picture so Dax would believe me.

Dax and I had time to ourselves tonight. Colin accompanied us to Cracker Barrel, Babies R Us (new shoes for him since the weather is getting cold and socks just aren't enough-yes that's my excuse because I looove tiny shoes), Half-Price Books where we picked up a couple of Christmas presents, and back home for a rented movie. A relaxing night and Colin got some time with just mom and dad.

When returned home to this odd creature waiting on the doorstep.

For future Hannah to read, today Hannah suddenly sprayed spit all over the book I was reading her. "I'm making it rain!!" she said......one of those times you don't know whether to laugh or instruct on proper behavior so I did both- several times.

Videos below! First is Colin trying out his exersaucer. Next is Chloe dutifully following the teacher's cue on how to walk. Very funny. I like how Chloe continuously picks up her ball.
Third is a few dramatic plies. Fourth is Chloe's attitude change. Haha. And last but not least, the girls jump over the paper fire!


melody said...

colin is as charming as ever!

i love that chloe is getting to do ballet now- i laughed so hard at her jumping over the paper... it was so cute!

melody said...

hahaha-- also, the video where they are all using the bars, and chloe is doing so well and then suddenly she runs off! haha