Nov 8, 2010

Day in the Life

5 Months old!! He's growing into the little man we've been calling him.
Dax got him this outfit before he was born.

Chloe's always trying to sneak into the weekly photo.

I made something good! Saturday night is usually the night Dax and I have to ourselves and we usually gorge on Taco Bell. We call them our "Taco Bell Dates." I decided to go slightly higher class (no offense to the tasty gorditas) and we had caprese salad, stuffed peppers, and oatmeal, cherry, white chocolate cookies (care of Anna).

Day in the Life Of...

There are two schools of thought on what a stay-at-home-mom's day is like. The blogs out there call them SAHMs. Some people think it's a day of lounging and playing with toys. Others believe it is a never shower, food in your hair, collapse on the floor kind of day. I think it's in between, leaning a little more towards the latter : ) The truth is, every day is completely unpredictable no matter if you even make plans for every day to be the same. Today was a pretty typical day, so I decided to document it for the kids later in life. Of course you all can read it for fun : )

7:15am- Dax tells me he's leaving for work. I haven't even heard the alarm or the shower and I just grunt at him.
8:00- I hear loud playing, arguing, and laughing in the monitor. I head for the shower and get completely ready so I won't have to endlessly dole out lotion, blush, hair dryer puffs, etc. to curious little ones.
8:30- I open their door and say good morning. This morning Hannah asked me if it was Christmas yet. I get Chloe dressed, answer a thousand questions from Hannah, and she gets dressed.
9:00- Have you noticed how much time has passed? That's how long it takes to put on pants and a shirt apparently. Time for breakfast. This morning we had eggs, bacon, and raisin bread (Thanks, Raina!). I promised ONE mini-muffin for those who finished their eggs.
9:30- I hear Colin and as I go to get him, Hannah says, "Um. I think while you are gone, I will get another muffin." I say, "Um. No." I get Colin dressed and the girls are calling. They get cleaned up and the kitchen gets cleaned while they play.
9:45-Time to feed Colin. The girls destroy his room while he eats. Then they play while I put very dirty sleeper if you know what I mean, very dirty bed cushion, and a bunch of other laundry in the washer. Time to empty diaper trash cans and Febreeze everything!

10:30- We settle down to read some books. About halfway through, Colin needs a nap. His bed stuff is soiled so he has to sleep on the real mattress and he's very unhappy about it so he screams and falls asleep. I change over the laundry. We finish our stack of books.
11:30- Time for Chloe's nap. Hannah entertains herself while I spend some time with Chloe. We read a book of her choice, laugh, cuddle, etc. and I put her to bed.
11:45- Time to spend time with Hannah. We get out some markers and crayons and color some cartoon dragons, working on staying inside the lines.
12:15- Once she's settled I lie down on the couch and close my eyes. I open them to find Hannah has drawn all over her legs with pink marker and dotted her nose with blue marker. She has also dug through a Halloween bucket of toys and goodies and discovered a sucker I promise she can have tomorrow while Chloe naps since we only have one.
12:25- Colin's awake. I feed him and then he and Hannah and I peruse a photo album. She did a good job sounding out "TRAVEL," we talked about the map on the front and how maps show you where to go. Dora has a map and she remembered how we looked at the zoo map to find the animals. Looking at the pictures, we point out people we know, she learns what a gondola is and we sing, Row Row Row Your Boat. She learns what a stream really is. I change Colin's diaper, help Hannah with the potty, and Colin plays on his mat.
1:00- Time to make lunch. PB&J, veggie chips, and yogurt.
1:15- Chloe wakes up, gets changed, and at the table, informs me she does not want any food. Colin entertains us by wrestling a chip bag.

1:30- I decide to check my e-mail while they are eating. I log on, Colin spits up on me, and Hannah wants to be cleaned up. I wipe them up and sit down again. I click on the first e-mail, Colin spits up again and Chloe wants down, upset that Hannah revealed the sucker plan for the next day. I get up again. They both get a tootsie roll. I sit down again and read the first e-mail. I smell something....Chloe gets changed and I abandon the e-mail. They help me move the laundry and argue over who gets to push the buttons.
2:30- The girls want to go outside and it's surprisingly pretty outside! We spend forever finding shoes and putting on shoes. I grab my quilting book and we all sit on the swing and enjoy the breeze. The girls laugh. They play with dirt, learn how to swat bugs off their playhouse with their toy broom. Colin laughs and plays. Chloe pours water on my book and Hannah is disciplined for throwing dirt.
3:00- Naptime for Colin. I return outside and play with the girls.
3:45- Daddy's home!!! He hugs the girls and we catch up on each other's day. He changes Chloe's filthy clothes.
4:15-Chloe gets some time with Dax alone. They go to Walmart and peruse the Christmas decorations. Chloe is fond of a purple tree. He takes her to Sonic for a free ice cream cone.
In the meantime, Hannah spends some quality time with Dora on the computer. She's getting so fast at working her way around the website, pushing on tabs, dragging icons, you name it! I clean the kitchen, pick up the den, put up the laundry, and reorganize the dress-up bin- interrupted by a few "Help, me Mommy!!"s.
5:15- Daddy and Chloe are home and tell about their trip. Colin is awake and very fussy. The computer boycotted Hannah and shut itself off! I finish the next bit of laundry, clean Colin's crazy room, and put away some of the girls' summer clothes while Dax heats up a pizza for dinner. Everyone eats while I feed Colin. He seems to like it that way ; )
5:45- I join everyone at the dinner table as they finish and clean up.
6:00- Not quite time for baths, so I grab the seat at the piano before Dax can and play Lo How A Rose is Blooming with Colin in my lap. Today, he's been very angry when he's put down, and extremely dramatic with his crying! I explore some jazz and it's not going so well...

It usually turns into this...

Lo How No Music is Blooming.

6:30- Everyone is corralled to the bathroom. They play in the tub with glow-in-the-dark sticks from Megan's party.

Next is getting dressed, getting cold waters ready, brushing hair and teeth, saying prayers, gathering books for bed, telling a story and lights out. Colin gets dressed and put to bed.
7:15- Whew! Everyone is in bed.
7:30- Chloe needs a water refill.
The rest of the evening, Dax and I check e-mails, tell each other funny tidbits, catch up on a show or two, and I work on a project. I might read a book, cross-stitch Chloe's stocking, work on a quilt, update the family budget, look at coupons, run an errand, work on my writing assignment, etc. It's rare I can just sit and do nothing. Tonight Dax and I are looking through toy catalogs and saying, "Ooooh!"
10:30- If it's a chilly day, I make a "bathscape" named after a "tablescape" when there is schmancy decor all over the table for an occasion. And named after "escape" where you get to be alone. I will take in a book, a candle, maybe some music, and always a dessert and glass of milk.
12:30- We crawl into bed, satisfied we've had lots of time to ourselves. We or may not be up all night with crying kids. We'll have to wait and see!!

I finished the quilt top for my lap scrap quilt. It's my first project with my machine. I have to say I still love doing it by hand, but I learned alot through successes and mistakes. Still need to quilt it. I've thought and thought about who to give this to, and I've finally decided. Someone will get it in the mail someday...


melody said...

it was very interesting to read what your days are like! mine are really boring sometimes, so i wish i could switch once in a while!
for instance, i have today off, i got up to use the restroom and let bunny out, i laid back in bed under the blankets because it's cold and i only have a small space heater, and i have been reading your blog, checking facebook, and bunny keeps running up to me to have her head petted! and it is 10:20 am. and i was interrupted four times while writing this by bunny who, if i don't pet her as soon as she comes up, starts digging at the blankets or climbing up to my face.

melody said...

the first picture makes me laugh! he is so handsome.
and chloe looks a lot like you in the second picture