Nov 1, 2010

Costumes Galore

We had a successful end of October. Saturday night we attended the Benton's Halloween party for all the kids. At the last minute I was advised to dress up as well- so I am a gardener and they are the bugs in my garden. Not the pesky kind : ) Yes, Colin is dressed as peas in a pod, which could also go in a garden, but we called him a caterpillar.

The lost sheep....

...and Little Bo Peep.

And a scary costume with the scary part not allowed at the little kid gathering : ) Thanks for the sacrifice, Murphy!

Murphy and Colin having some one-on-one. Eventually all the kids wanted to play with Colin on the bed and Megan had to rescue him.

Wait- where did Megan go? She was replaced by this sinister witch!

She did a great job with the party. Here is the haunted playhouse.

They handmade a bean bag toss! And handmade the beanbags!

Chloe was very diligent with it and put every last one in the mouth. I like the trash bag pumpkins, too. There was also a ring toss spider but I mainly saw the actual spider being tossed around more than the rings. I also eyed some cool plants I have to get for our yard.

Everyone got great party favors. The older kids enjoy their silly string. Chloe loved the glow-in-the dark bracelets.

The "Flash" family! I loved it. Little Ronan was nicknamed "Flash" before he was born so they wore the appropriate attire.

And our other set of costumes. On actual Halloween night, our church held a little gathering for those who weren't into trick-or-treating. The kids all dressed up as their favorite saint. I admit for a little bit I wasn't sure they weren't going to look all exactly alike. Saints tend to be covered in simple drape like fabric. We decided Hannah could be her patron saint, Grand Duchess Elizabeth, whose favorite color was white. She gave up a life of royalty for a life of monasticism after her husband was murdered. She founded a monastery and was martyred by the Bolsheviks.
A grim story, but with much to admire.

Grand Duchess Elizabeth

later, Elizabeth the Monastic

Colin was Saint Euphrosynus the Cook. I had never heard of him, so this was Dax's idea. Colin held a little rolling pin : ) I was also feeling a little behind in my religious education when the 10 year old of the group guessed who Colin was simply when he heard "cook." So I decided to learn! In short, Euphrosynus was the cook for an Amorean monastery. The spiritual father of the monastery had a dream that Euphrosynus offered him 3 fragrant apples (as seen in the icon). When he awoke, there lay the 3 apples. When the spiritual father told the others of this miracle, Euphrosynus fled from attention and vanity, and lived his life alone in the wilderness. Many saints lived this way- not to flee from responsibility, but to flee from the influences of the world and temptation, and to be alone with God.

Last but not least, Chloe went as St. Mary of Egypt, one of the most popular (if you can say that) of the Orthodox saints! She lived a very "pleasured" life if you know what I mean, until she decided she would visit a church. When she tried to enter, an invisible force prevented her from going further. She recognized her way of life was unholy and lived 47 years in the desert in repentance. Now that's dedication!! We had some guilty fun making Chloe's hair wild like hers.

We also had an Empress Theodora, an Archangel Michael, and St. John the Baptist among others.

After some pizza, the kids stood on "stage" and told about their saint while the other kids took guesses on who they were. They did a great job!

Today, Dax came home sick from work so with the other kids settled and sleeping, I took Hannah out on her own. She was scared of this bridge last time we were here. She is happy to master it now.

We ventured out on a new trail at the park. She ran like the wind!

We found a cool canopy.

She fed berries to the ants.

We found a picturesque scene. Well, I cared about it a little more than she did.
She was begging to return to the playground!


We returned home with some pretty fall leaves and the girls made collages.

I wrote the "N"s and Hannah wrote the rest!

Chloe's work in progress. Happy November!!!!

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melody said...

i like the leaf collage idea. and the kids' saint costumes were also neat! i liked chloe's hair.