Nov 21, 2010

Life Moments

Little Colin has rolled over a few times.

Something has intrigued him.

I gave Hannah a page of stencils the other day, showing her how to trace around them. She dutifully watched and then colored all of the stencils themselves and called them her "collection."

This year we decided to make an Advent Wreath! I feel like we attend church and say our prayers, but it's a challenge to reach little ones with such complicated information. We have made our evening prayers, "Thank you Jesus for our day and our night. Help us to be good girls tomorrow. Help Mamaw get better. Amen." Now that's something a 2 and 3 year old can understand! Hannah even said tonight that she got scared and crossed herself and then she felt better. : ) So back to the Advent Wreath, for the first week, we lit the green candle symbolizing faith. We read a passage to go with it and then went to the piano to sing "O Come Emmanuel" appropriate since advent means "to come." It was so sweet the girls singing nonsensical words and notes as we played and sang. A great family moment!

These are the statues outside our most frequented library. The girl looks so much like Hannah. She always says, "There's Hannah! And there's Daddy" (the little boy). Chloe's trying to peek in his book and Hannah's giving him a friendly pat. In typical adult fashion, I lament over the fact that this is the only bench outside the library and it's occupied by fake people!

Daddy is always good for an elephant/dinosaur/animal-of-the-day ride.

I found munchkins in my bed.

Very goofy ones.

First bite of food! Even a few days later, he's still working on how to actually swallow this stuff. He usually lets it sit on his tongue forever. He likes the spoon part, though.

I finally completed a little piece of artwork for Colin's room to match his bedding. I kept procrastinating thinking it would be too hard, but it took only an hour.

Can't remember if I've shown you this, but I took some of the bumper fabric he would never need and made tiny window treatments on the blinds.

Thrift store find! The cutest little bomber jacket sized 306 months for 2 bucks!

This fun flower jar for $1. And some Lincoln Logs for $5 for the girls for Christmas.

The animals decided to have a garden party.

I'm finally using the quilt frame Anna got me forever ago. My other projects were too small to fit in here. She also got me a great lamp that's been in and out of the den. I think I might set it up again for some better light.

Lastly, I don't think I posted this video yet. This features Colin's little chuckle, but be warned, he never thinks the same thing is funny twice! I've tried this fish face many more times and he doesn't crack a smile- "Give me something new!" he says.

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