Nov 14, 2010


Our poor little bumpkin hurt her arm the other day. I was holding her hand at the mall and she made herself go limp to the floor (2 yrs. old remember?) and I pulled her to her feet. I didn't feel anything happen, but she cried and cried. She held her hand to her chest, wouldn't let me touch it, and wasn't even interested in a juice box I offered. They are few and far between around here so when she wouldn't take it, I knew she was definitely in pain. After a call to the doctor who said to wait and put ice on it, she watched Dora for literally a few hours. She was so still and happy, I didn't want her to be in pain anymore. Finally when it was time to move again, the pain was back so Dax took her into the after hours clinic where they labeled it "nurse-maid's elbow" in which a ligament pops itself over the elbow bone. The doctor twisted her arm a bit and she was good as new. I was so happy to see my cheery Chloe when she came back home!!

The Nativity Fast begins tomorrow, so Dax took us out for a barbecue meal as a last hurrah.
We are such good patrons, they put up a special sign marking our spot...or maybe we made a mess.

Can't say no to the free ice-cream!

I got seconds.

Oooh! What's that?

Weekly picture attempt infringed upon again by Chloe.

Us too!

Sisters are so sweet to watch. The chasing, tickling, arguing,
hugging, hand-holding.

Following, you'll find some videos as promised.
1. Colin working on his hand-eye coordination : )
2. The girls singing a song- Tick Tock
3. Chloe's piano performance
4. Hannah's piano performance in Spanish

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melody said...

i loooove the videos! chloe is so precious playing the piano and singing!