Nov 20, 2010


This year Shutterfly is asking bloggers to share what they love about their Holiday Card selection!

Post to your blog/facebook/twitter and get 50 Free Holiday Cards!

I personally love getting photo cards in the mail for the holidays. I post them all up near our living room windows to see everyone's smiling faces. It's especially nice to get cards from those families we rarely see. One of my favorites last year was a card featuring my friend's 2 kids, one smiling like an angel and the other pitching a fit!

If you go to Shutterfly you'll find a selection of over 800 cards!! Here are some of my favorites.

If you've got three kids like I do, here is a way to include their best shots.

Of course this card could feature the whole family too, but I like that the photo takes up the whole card, with just a little holly detail in the corner.

My personal favorite is the "whole family" card. That's because I love comparing the kids to their parents- who looks like who?

This is a great one if you've had lots of adventure throughout the year and want to share them with everyone. It's fun to use your card as a mini-scrapbook!

This one's really nice. It allows a family picture, shots of individuals, and even a short message- which is handy if you don't go for the folded card, but like the stationary card better like myself.

Another whole family shot with a great classic footing. This would look great as a photo with Santa, too!

Last but not least, another card to feature individuals. I like the simplicity of this one. Can't find the perfect holiday outfits? Can't get them to sit together and pose? Close-ups allow you to give the holiday spirit even when things don't quite work out the way you planned.

Of course with 800 choices, you can find tons of combinations to fit your family.

We've ordered from Shutterfly many times. I've got "black and white" albums in the works for the kids, and Shutterfly is really easy to navigate when I'm trying to crop and use special effects.

Need a holiday gift? How about a Holiday Calendar? My family loves getting these! Grandparents especially love to see their grandkids all year long : )

Well, we plan to take our Holiday Photo soon, and we'll probably use one of these choices. It depends on how a 2 toddlers and an infant do in front of a camera! We may have to copy the "pitching a fit" shot. You'll have to wait and see : )


melody said...

is this real???

Amy Stokes said...

Yes, it's real. I saw it on a friend's blog and decided to try it. Shutterfly looks at the blog post and I'll get the promo code for my free Christmas cards in a couple of days!
A lot of websites are having bloggers do their advertising in exchange for a gift- everyone wins.