Nov 5, 2010

A Week Gone By

Well, nothing much happened this week. Since we've had so much activity lately, I decided to mostly stay at home this week with the kids so we could relax. Little did I realize that staying home for a week with 3 small kids is the opposite of relaxing. The house is in shambles, laundry everywhere, and I got nothing done! A child's demands and needs seem to multiply by 10 when you are sitting at home, and everyone wants something at the same time. Don't they know I just want to sit down with a nice book in silence? I guess not : ) It was too chilly outside to let them play out back, and now the little neighbor kid has been shoving pointy sticks through the holes in our fence (just being playful) so I can't trust the girls out there alone and just keep an eye out the back window. We took a couple of quick trips to the library, and that's about it. It's Friday night and I'm so tired!!! We decided not to worry about making dinner tonight and took the kids out and met Nana at Chili's. I'm not even sure I spoke more than a few words. Well, time to put the house back together and move along. Staying here all week also confirmed my suspicions that once again, we have too much stuff! Little does Dax know the purging storm that is to come.... In the meantime, I did take some fun videos for the kids that I will try to download when it is not almost midnight and the kids are at bay. Have a great weekend! I'll leave you with a couple of quips from the kids.

"Hannah, see those little white rocks you are walking on? That's called gravel!"
crunch...crunch...she scoots her shoes along the path
"Look, Mommy! I'm graveling!"

"Daddy, I don't want to wear those jeans."
"You have to wear them tonight."
2 hours later in the car on the way home.......
"Daddy, I still don't want to wear these jeans."

(don't know if I've posted this one yet)
"Here Hannah. This pizza is neat. It's shaped like a rectangle!"
"Where's the tail?"

After watching her build the 5th block tower in a row....
"Chloe, you are so diligent."

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melody said...

hahah i always love the quotes- especially chloe saying thanks!