Dec 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Sunday we began preparing for the arrival of my WHOLE family! At first, it was just my parents who could come, and then gradually, everyone else was able to make the trip, too. One last photo for the kids next to our pumpkins.

It's finding things like this that make cleaning up the house a slow process.

Hannah helped me sweep the leaves out front- and then took a little breather.

Melody works for Edible Arrangements and designs bouquets of fruit like this.

I thought I would honor her with a little presentation of my own. Haha.
It actually turned out kind of woodsy-natural and didn't look too bad with all the food around it.

Food's almost ready! I made a few dishes, Anna made a few dishes, and Dax smoked a really delicious turkey and made a couple of dishes, too.

Aunt Melody has arrived.

We decided to have a little "food photo" contest. I think we all ended up with pretty much the same shots. I'll post mine soon, but they didn't turn out how I envisioned them : )

Melody getting her shot for National Geographic- "Food in America: The Cheese and Jelly Ring."

The Ryan Sisters! I'm hunching because it was freezing, but the other two managed to look poised.

The kids were all happy to see their relatives.

The girls haven't seen their cousins since last Christmas, but they all acted like it was just yesterday.

Cooking up a play Thanksgiving dinner.

Can't wait to see them together for future holidays. The girls...

the boys...

and more boys. Colin meets Uncle Chris for the first time.

Quality time with Papaw.

Nana's here!

We're a little limited in seating so the kids had a picnic.

Then we played the "Gobble" game, which I think we will all remember for a long time.
We hid a little toy turkey in the room, and one of the kids will come in to look for it. Along the lines of "you're hot" and "you're cold," we gobbled louder when they were near the turkey and softer when they were not close. Colin ceased to be a fan of the game when Papaw's gobbles got to about 95 decibels!! Here, Papaw has found a good hiding place for Preston's turn.

The kids spent a ton of time on my dad's IPad.

It's not the holidays without the texting line-up.

While the men went to a movie, the rest of us colored Christmas pictures for Mamaw who hasn't been well.

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Girls in a Tub

Mother, Mary Beth, Melody, and I decided to hit the shopping really early this year. The Grapevine Mills Mall opened at midnight! We stood in lines, laughed, saw lots of neat stuff, bought some Christmas presents, ran to Kohls for a little more shopping, and before we knew it, it was 6:00am! My family's hotel breakfast wasn't open yet so we headed to McDonald's for some McGriddles- just what I was craving. By the time I got home, Colin was awake and hungry, so I went to bed about 7am. All the shoppers spent the day catching up on sleep and got back together in the afternoon.

While Mary Beth's family went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner, the rest of us hung out and took our traditional goofy pictures. It wouldn't be the Ryan family without staged nonsensical pictures- my mother usually bows out with a roll of her eyes, but this time we got her to play along and she wins for the best facial expressions. Here, I'm getting mock attacked by Melody.

My dad's favorite "scenario" haha.

Once everyone returned, it was time for S'mores! I love having a fireplace.


Our turn.

I think Melody is posing for a S'mores commercial.

My parents called it a night and the rest of us messed around with a new Wii game. Mary Beth was particularly skilled at chopping at ninjas. She strikes a pose.

My pose never quite looks the same : )

All in all, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm so thankful everyone was able to spend it together.

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melody said...

hahah-- the silhouette of the turkey toy on daddy's head makes me laugh! there are so many cute pictures of the kids- you and mary beth have the most beautiful and perfect children! mine have a lot to live up to- haha

i'm working on my own thanksgiving blog entry right now!