Dec 24, 2010

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

26 Weeks and ready for his very 1st Christmas!

We went to the Finley's Christmas party and the girls saw all their pals as well as some new folks too. Colin tried to eat everyone's shirt.

Pleased with her sausage ball.

Beautiful tree! One day, one day.

It's a jingle bell party.

In my hurry to finish up Chloe's stocking before we actually needed to use it, I sewed a bit during the day. Hannah was really interested, so I got out Granny's sewing cards from her old playroom. I played with these as a kid. She really stuck with it and spent quite a bit of the day perfecting over and under. I was pretty surprised this trumped all of their other toys.

There's always fun to be had with empty wrapping tubes.

I did it! Here is my diploma from my writing course began in October '09 and finished this month. Now to buckle down and really work on submitting a few things to see if there is any success getting them published.

Christmas is on it's way, and it's 79 degrees? We enjoyed another pretty day outside.

Voila! It's finished! Since the pattern was old and from a thrift store, it didn't come with all the necessary parts...and the directions for sewing it all together were too confusing, so I winged it. I lined it with some soft fabric and the backing is actually made from a red pillow case I used in the hospital when I had all three kids. I thought that would be a neat thing for her to have.

She approves!!! Colin's is way more complicated, so we'll see if I tackle it for next year or if I find something a little more doable.

These were our babies last Christmas season! Chloe's hair cracks me up.

All grown up with a new baby brother in tow. Have a great Christmas and I'll see you next week with some posts from the holidays!

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