Jan 9, 2011

Busy Babies

The kids have been busy doing new things this week! Colin had his first ride in a shopping cart.

He was pretty interested for about 5 minutes and then got fussy. I liked that one of the Home Depot guys came up to him and said, "It can't be all that bad, man!" Colin looked at him with respect and awe, then thought for a second and smiled. Yes, I could see all that with my mom eyes- haha. I asked the guy if he could follow us through the store, but he had to get back to work.

Chloe getting in on the weekly photo. Their heads are almost the same size now.

Hannah models her new Tangled shirt from Grandma. She loved the shirt and had a skip in her step all day-another mom eyes thing. Chloe sneaks in for another chance to say "cheese." : )

Well, he's not a baby, but he is busy! Dax visited the new campus of his school on Friday. They look super happy to be in this meeting.

The girls are enjoying/fighting over their new table. The problem is- they can't scoot their own seats up very well because the table moves. They end up just pulling the table...which means the other kid has the table pulled away and then pulls it back. And then comes the squabbling. Each one is earnestly trying to get close to their food and can't understand the other one is trying to do the same. I do scoot them in, but of course it doesn't solve the problem for the duration of the meal. They do love their own little space, though, once they're settled.

Now here comes some of the "busy" I don't like so much. Before kids, I understood that they destroyed things, made messes, but I hadn't experienced it, and we all know there are some things that can only be experienced- like trying to sleep in for just 5...more...minutes. You might wake up to this.

Or giving your kids something they will make a mess with so you can clean up another mess. On this day, I was trying to wash dishes and they were driving me batty, so I got out something that was guaranteed to occupy them. Seem pointless? It kind of is. But we needed clean dishes.

Then there is the forgetful type of mess. For instance, I forgot to put a towel back on Hannah's chair before she ate lentil soup.

Now why not just teach my kids to either pick up their messes or not to make a mess in the first place? Well, I try, but they are 2 and 3- not the most logical thinking or longest attention spans. They see no reason to clean up and perhaps don't even see the mess in the first place. Getting them to see it, understand it, and do something about it is a very long and repetitive process, but we're getting there slowly : )

This one was interesting to find. Granted their doll strollers were hidden behind Colin's clothes, and they were just trying to get to them, but I hid them there to avoid having to retape the wheels again because I didn't have time for that. But I didn't have time for the resulting mess either. Parenting is one big Catch 22.

And last but not least is the "ruining new things" mess. It's a general rule. Get something new and it will be broken/bent/destroyed/covered in stickers when you turn your head for one second.

I took the girls to Chick-Fil-A the other day, and I literally stepped 2 feet away from our booth to grab a straw. I turned around and Hannah had grabbed my Polynesian sauce, opened it, sipped from it, and spilled it all over her pants. At least looking back on these posts will be fun for them when they're older, and maybe they'll put their hard-earned money together and get me a spa vacation! Hmm. I think my own mother is still waiting for that, so I shouldn't get my hopes up.

Doing a little destroying of his own, Colin is into grabbing everything he can get his hands on. He loves chewing on Tinkerbell's feet. He threw this very computer keyboard to the ground the other day while on my lap. He can't even sit with a few toys for very long because he knocks them so hard, they all get out of reach. Soon he'll crawl and be able to get them back.

Hannah had a big first this weekend. She was asked to be a flower girl in a wedding. The bride used to work with Dax in the library. Here she's excited to go to the rehearsal with Daddy.

I guess it turned out to not to be too exciting. Haha.

The next night, I took her to the wedding early to get her hair done. She was very still and quiet. She's not used to someone actually spending time on her hair. I usually just throw it in a ponytail. No time for fancy stuff.

Getting her first look in the mirror.


Posing in her lovely white dress.

She meets up with the ring bearers. They were the cutest little brothers, but boy did they have some energy! Hannah was immediately smitten with the older boy, Caleb.

I guess he just said something silly.

They loved playing with her rose petals.

Is this thing ever going to start? : )

With her new friend. It was at this point I had to separate them. The boys were getting a little rowdy and Hannah was beginning to copy everything they did while pretty much ignoring everything I said. She cried and pouted when I took her to another room- a precursor to the teenage years I suppose.

After some explanation she calmed down and waited in the lobby.

I wish I had a closer shot of the bride because she was very beautiful! Hannah did a great job going down the aisle- scroll to the next post for the video- and when she got to the front, she looked at me and said, "I forgot to throw the flowers." She had been talking about that all week, but in the midst of all those unfamiliar faces, one could see how she could forget. I told her she could do it on the way back, so she took her time during the recession : )

A picture with Daddy all dressed up. "When do we eat?" she asked. It was way past dinnertime and bedtime by that point. She also asked for some "acorns." It turned out she had seen some chocolate dipped strawberries! Dax grabbed one for her since we left the dinner before they served dessert. Hannah did a great job that night, and we were so proud of her. There is no feeling like watching your baby grow up and do things on her own. You really do swell with pride!

I had to include this because Dax and I were cracking up at the photographer (with the white beard). He was a very nice man but mentioned at some point this was his first wedding shoot! He must have been a friend of the family. He literally stood at the front during the whole procession. The poor groom kept trying to look around him- even when the bride herself was on the way. The photographer never kneeled or moved to the side! He did move away during the vows at least! Haha! It still makes me chuckle.

Speaking of chuckling, we had a lot of fun at the girls' ballet recital today!

Their group did a bird dance so they were dressed as colorful birds.

Chloe especially like the costume.

I loved the tail feather!


They found a couple of friends backstage. Little Rachel is in their class.

They hadn't seen their friend, Timber, in a few months.

It's time to take the stage. I explained to them, I would have to leave them for a minute so I could take pictures when they came out. All they had to do was stay with the birdies. Two seconds later, they were peeking out the side looking around and calling, "Mommy!"

They made it out just fine and even ended up standing next to each other.
Last year, Hannah kind of stood still for the recital, just looking around. This year was pretty much the same. She sees something new and likes to observe. All those people in the audience and all those cameras held her attention more than the dance. Chloe, however, decided it was her time to shine. She was all smiles and even stepped out in front of the group to do all the moves. She's so tiny, people around me kept saying, "Awww!" The parents even do that during ballet class- mainly because she smiles for everything she does. Hannah usually does everything in class extremely well. She likes to observe for a certain amount of time and then does the moves when she's ready, while Chloe jumps on in and just loves moving, learning as she goes. Two different styles for sure, but they are both such fun to watch. Scroll down to the next post for the video!

All prima ballerinas deserve flowers in their favorite colors!

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melody said...

that's a lot of messes!

i love the bird outfits! the cutest picture is of them walking away with the little tail feathers showing.

hannah made such a pretty flower girl- in the picture of her at the reception standing between the taller people, she is making an amy expression. she looks exactly like you.