Jan 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas Greetings! This year we made a wall mural out of our holiday cards. Hannah had a lot of fun taping them up there.

We decided to have our little family present exchange on Christmas Eve. After a church service, we came home and opened stockings first.

Hannah is super pleased with her chocolate discovery!

Chloe's excited, too! In fact she whooped with joy at everything she unwrapped all weekend : )

Colin gave Dax some Hot Wheels, the first of their future collection together.
I received a waffle iron and some writing notebooks...but no picture of that.

Hannah's almost moved past her obsession with Dora, but Chloe's has only just begun. They received their first Dora toys from their godparents. Believe me, my plan was to avoid pretty much all Dora as the girls grew up, but you receive that first video as a gift, and you know how it goes. It turns out I have a lot to thank Dora for- she has entertained the girls when I have been surrounded by chaos and had to attend to Colin, dinner, etc. She has also shown them sequence, helping others in a bind, a little Spanish, and a few clever musical tunes. In fact, I even laugh at several of the lines, and finally the girls learned from Swiper that swiping is not nice : ) I have come to appreciate their love for her.

Colin was intrigued with the toys he received.

He had a lot fun with all the activity.

Hannah was so enthralled with one of Chloe's presents, she wouldn't even look up when we told her she had more to unwrap. So we let her play for awhile since we had pretty much all day and didn't need to rush. We even lit a cozy little fire.

Some dress-up clothes. A few months ago I would have told you the girls didn't have an interest in them, but now it's another story. I found a few wacky things at local thrift stores.

The hula skirt is my favorite.

Courtesy of Papa Hats and Granny B, they finally have a little table all their own! Our circular (and very high) dining table is great for meals, but not so great for kid activities. Markers roll off easily, play-dough ends up too far below to retrieve, etc. This also makes it easier for everyone to eat when playmates come over.

While we celebrate, Colin digs through the wrapping trash bag.

Caught in the act!

Of course he loves the bow.

Also from Papa Hats and Granny B. I realize now that Aunt Melody got him one in a different color- it's a set! It's really handy for him to play with in the car, too.

Christmas morning- we headed off to Christmas Liturgy at church. Anna made the kids their
Christmas outfits this year and the rest of us truly happened to be in the same colors.

And my shirt is very reflective.

Our priest and his family. It's hard to believe they were just pregnant with their oldest daughter when we settled here in Texas.

Father Justin played with Colin, who in turn pulled his hair and made a mess of it :)

Back at Anna's, Dax opens a gift from the church. It was a choir book he had been eyeing online- wrapped in tons of layers in a large box. I remember doing that for Melody's birthday when she was little- she got sooo frustrated, but was excited to find her Russ troll doll at last.

Nana made the girls these great dolls!! Purple for Chloe, of course : )
I love their button eyes and rosy cheeks.

They also got princess/Tinkerbell lounge chairs, pillows, and blankets for their overnight stays.

Trying out the new camera!! Our old one liked to turn on and off on a whim, so it's nice to have one that takes clearer shots and stays on for longer than a second.

The little man enjoys a musical toy.

More dress-up! Chloe especially loved the clip-on earrings. She kept them on forever and felt very special in them-haha. I guess I didn't get a picture of it. This morning in church, she pointed out every woman with earrings.

Some fun time with Daddy.

Some sleepy time with Daddy.

Some quiet time with his new teddy bear.
We enjoyed our traditional beef tenderloin supper, with a wine-chocolate sauce this time. We had some tasty veggies and a delicious cheesecake.

The next morning after church, we waited for my family and experimented with one of Hannah's presents. I'm concentrating pretty hard on those stickers! Once everyone arrived safely, we settled down for dinner and a relaxing night in.

The next morning, we had our Christmas. Grandma and Papaw brought a huge stocking to carry all the girls' gifts.

Dress-up!!!!! They can't get enough of it. They also got a treasure box to store it in and some princess shoes.

Grandma puts on the shiny rings.

Melody holds up her custom painting by a horse. You can probably guess who
gave her that : )

My gift from Melody- she won the ugly prize this year, but I give myself a few points for sticking some Fiber One Cereal in her gift bag. She just couldn't figure out what that was.

Couldn't resist piling my dad's high with mismatched bows. I won't be hired for any gift-wrapping jobs anytime soon.

Chloe gets her own Littlest Petshop from Aunt Mary Beth's family.

Hannah gets a little doll with tons of accessories. They both got a huge sticker/activity set from my dad, who laughed at me when I discovered it had 1500 pieces. My parents were very generous and gave Dax and me an Ipad and a Blue Ray player! We are really enjoying both so far. Tomorrow night we're having friends over to watch the Two Towers on the new player.

I help Colin open his box off goodies.

The kids enjoyed every bit of Christmas. Here they all sit with gifts from my Aunt Dianne. As everyone always says- now we need a bigger house.

Since we were otherwise occupied, Chloe helped out a bit. : )

The next morning, my family took me back to Tennessee with them. We got the unfortunate news this holiday season that both my uncle and my grandmother (his mother) passed away. I was very close to Mamaw, and originally, this trip was to give me a little alone time and to visit her in the hospital where she had had some trouble with her foot and recently pneumonia. I did not make it in time to give her the big hug I promised, but I was able to be there for the funeral. I was able to spend quality time with many relatives I haven't seen in years, some I've only kept up with through Facebook, and even some family friends we rarely see. My dad also wrote her a touching song, which we all listened to silently at the end of the service. The end of the piece was especially memorable as it ascended higher and higher and landed on a lone "D" for her name, Delores. I will miss Mamaw so much, especially the way we always cheered each other up, made silly sarcastic remarks, and said "I love you a big bunch." Anytime I called she shouted, "Heeeeeey Amy!! Tell me something funny." She was a cheery, smart, loving grandmother, and a sweet great-grandmother to my kids.
I spent quality time with my family also- we went for bike-rides, watched a couple of movies, went out to eat, had long chats, browsed our favorite antique mall, and ate, ate, ate. I flew back home on New Year's Eve, and Dax and I heard the countdown on the way back from the airport.
Now we are clearing out old toys, old clothes, and (a sigh escapes from Dax) putting away Christmas and starting 2011. Happy New Year!

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melody said...

it seems like a wonderful christmas! it's funny that someone else got colin the exact same gift as me! oh well... he can have one for at home and one for in the car.
i miss being out there!