Jan 28, 2011

Past 2 Weeks

Hi Mom! This is proof that the black shirt I got for my concert was worth her monetary contribution-haha. The gray shell is sewn in and has some sparkle and I can even pin the black together to make it more concert appropriate. I was happy to wear the necklace I got from my aunt in memory of Mamaw, but the chain broke before I even made it to the concert!

Last weekend, Dax's brother, Alex, drove down from Tennessee with Weston and Hudson.
The kids were super happy to see their cousins. Hannah was a little put off by the brothers' wrestling and told them so. I thought the bigger boys might intimidate the girls but nope. Hannah and Choe stood their ground and made sure the guys knew who was boss : )

Weston loved his extra-soft gray blanket from Nana. We got a cream one. They are awesome!
As awesome as blankets get, I suppose.

Colin and Alex hang out.

We mainly hung around the house, had our Christmas, perused the mall, and ate at Dickey's, Dax's favorite restaurant around here. Free ice cream!

Alex and Chloe look ready to call it a night.

On Martin Luther King Day we headed to the Benton's for some time together.
Ruby and her mom joined us, too.

Colin tries out the cool IKEA chair.

The girls entertain with a few renditions of Twinkle, Twinkle. Mozart would have been proud.

Hannah is developing her drawing skills. First it was just heads, and without me really prompting, she decided now her people need limbs...and lots of face hair. I guess she's used to that looking at Dax. The thing I think is really funny is everyone's chins. At first I thought she just gave everyone goatees, but then I watched her draw a face. She makes the initial circle, and when she rounds it out and connects her circle, she scribbles on the "seam" so to speak. She wants to make sure that circle is really closed. Oh, and the cross is part of a series of pictures I'm trying to draw for them about things we see in church. We color them and save them in a notebook.

This time on the glowing IPad.

All three kids are really starting to play together now.

And the monkeys are, too.

Hannah and Colin are starting to bond a bit. She loves to feed him.

I've got some great videos of feeding sessions between the two of them coming up.

Hannah got this for her 1st birthday and now Colin likes it alot.

After a long break, we're back to visiting our local libraries.

The girls are enjoying their dress-up clothes in the mirror.

I'm an alien princess with glasses.

Putting a little weight on his feet! But he's not even close to crawling yet, so that's a good ways off.

The girls are learning to entertain themselves in the morning while I finish sleeping. They can be pretty early risers- and I'm a late stayer-upper. They usually come in my bedroom and ask to play in the living room. If I grunt in agreement, they find things to do. This morning I heard them laughing and carrying on. "We made a pillow line!" I found them crawling across these as fast as they could and having a great time.

It turns out we have pictures of each of the kids in the grass right after they learned to sit. Here's Hannah. Dax and I laughed at her funny head of hair.

And we laughed even more at Chloe! What a face!!

Today we had super nice weather so it was Colin's turn. He hated it! He did not like the leaves on his legs, and when he got brave enough to grab one, he wasn't a fan of the taste either. Haha

Mom, get me out of here!!

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melody said...

hahahah! chloe's grass picture! that's cute to have all three of those together- they are each so different.

i love hannah's people drawings. haha! they all look like bananas.
that ipad application is neat, too!

and it makes me laugh every time you post a picture of things that have been put under a blanket with their little head poking out.