Jan 16, 2011

Snow, Sitting, and Silliness

Snow! I think it hit just about everywhere the past couple of weeks. The girls were super excited about it.



Watch out!

I accidentally grabbed a newborn hat for Colin as I headed out the door! At least the top of his head was warm. Don't worry, he was only out there for about 2 minutes- that's why he's not bundled up.

Seems to like it, but he smiles at pretty much everything.

Smallest snowman ever.

So I'm always telling Dax to make sure Colin's hat is off in the car since he can pull it over his face now. Well, this particular evening it was I who forgot and this is what I found when we got home.

The kids like to sit on the bed while I fold laundry. Ring around the rosies.

Colin saying- "Get me out of here!"

But he receives a sweet sisterly kiss instead.

This is Colin's favorite position- turning his head to find you and then doing a stare/smile.
He just doesn't look away and it makes me smile every time.

Contemplating his next move.

He tried eating the doll's hand, but something didn't taste quite right I gather.

Second try wasn't any better!

One day Hannah kept throwing her doll on the floor in various rooms, running to tell me Rapunzel "dieded." I have no idea where all that came from, but Rapunzel must have nine lives or more because she dieded several times that day.

One more shot. I can't help it. It was another stare/smile.

Look who graduated from the bumbo to a high chair! I'm not very excited about having another large contraption in the kitchen, but it's nice to have him on the same level as us during meal times.

Hannah and I made some chocolate chip muffins with her new baking set. The batter was a little too thin so the chocolate chips sank to the bottom and stuck to the paper and other muffin pan bottom. We still enjoyed them, though.

We are the least handy people I know. But I've been wanting to take on some smaller home improvement projects since we know we won't be here forever, and probably should make the house a little more appealing to future buyers. I would take on some bigger ones but it seems that every month something large breaks and we have to spend everything we have on it! First it was antibiotics for everyone in the house, then it was the dishwasher, then it was the heating/air unit, now it's the van. Changing out a few outlets for newer ones is at least a little something in the right direction. And I did learn a few things about electricity! I almost changed out just the plate in the picture above, but changed my mind.

Tada! A new dimmer switch for Colin's room. The good news is when the dishwasher repairman was trying to tell me about some faulty wires, I actually knew what he was talking about and didn't feel "bamboozled."

Also happening this weekend, my brass quintet, Touch of Brass, held our first official concert this weekend. We played in Plano, TX for a concert series hosted by a church there. There was a fairly good crowd and a couple of my friends even got to come. With some humorous banter from the tuba player, a couple of standard, a cartoon medley, some Beatles, a march, Gershwin, and a fanfare, it was a fun evening. I hardly ever play my horn right now, so it's been fun to play with such great people who are a pleasure to be around every single time we meet. I wish more than anything I had remembered my camera!

Dax's brother and our nephews were able to visit this weekend, too, but I'll post those pictures after they get downloaded.

Now for the silliness. Yes, I have better things to do with my time, but sometimes playing with your kids and taking a couple of goofy pictures can be a fun use of my time, too. This blog has brought you many happenings from the toy animal kingdom, and now we bring you the girls' most sought after toy as of late....Action Figure Beethoven. I know... only in this house. Actually, Dax got it as a gag gift awhile back, and he's been a steadfast companion ever since. Here, Beethoven (BeeTHOven as Hannah pronounces it) hangs out in his favorite spot.

Sometimes he'll get bored and try to peer out the window. When he suspects someone
has come to play a tune...

...he takes up his hiding spot for listening and critiquing. He thinks we can't see him.

Miss a few notes? You get this look.

Then he shows us how it's done. No patience, that guy.

Here's Beethoven in his summer Lincoln Log Cabin. You might notice a couple of hired hands coming in to chop his wood. He's on vacation, after all.

But upon further inspection of his cabin, he's unhappy with the structural work I did and takes matters into his own hands.

He makes things drastically worse. Beethoven should stick to his day job, I think.

Finally, a little conversation with Hannah.

Hannah in the bookstore: Can we buy this dress-up book?

Me: No. I'm sorry. We don't have any money for that.

Hannah: Well let's just go buy some money and we can come back and get it.

Me: I never thought of that!

Don't know if I posted this one either.

Hannah in the car: Mommy, you have to pay attention while you're driving or you might crash another car. That would be bad. (good, she's been listening!)

Me: That's exactly right. That's why I don't want you to ask me any questions right now. I'm trying to pay attention. I have to get on the interstate.

Hannah: What?

Me: I have to get on the interstate.

Hannah: Mommy, what?

Me: Nothing. Hold on.

Hannah: Mommy, are you paying attention?

Me: Yes. I'm trying to.

Hannah: Okay, that's good.

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melody said...

hahah beethoven is funny! i like his close-up.
and i love the pictures of colin and dax in the snow- they're so cute! colin is so sweet. :)

and the conversations with hannah and chloe are always funny!