Feb 19, 2011

Fantastic February

Hannah got a ball and bat for Christmas. We had such beautiful weather, she and Dax
played ball. I have videos of myself at this age playing ball and I kept adjusting my shorts. Hannah looks so similar hitching up her pants every 2 seconds. Guess it's time to look for the belt.

Look at that form! Home run!

Look at that intense concentration!

Happy Valentine's Day! Dax and I don't tend to celebrate Valentine's Day too much together, usually because something comes up or groceries take precedent over a dinner out : ) This year we were able to get out together.

We went to a wonderful concert held at Highland Park Presbyterian in Dallas. Metropolitan Hilarion of Russia composed a St. Matthew's Passion using the layout of the original composer, Bach, as an inspiration. Hilarion's was certainly not in the Baroque style, but it was very moving and very well played/sung! I really, really enjoyed it, and think it's one of the best concerts I've ever heard. This was the 2nd performance of the piece in the United States and our own Metropolitan Jonah was in attendance, too. Imagine having the man overseeing all of Russia's churches and the man overseeing all North America's Orthodox churches in one room.
Here is a small clip of the 2 hour piece- St. Matthew's Passion The chorus comes in about halfway through after the fugue.
After that, Dax and I pulled out our ancient GPS to get to the Cheesecake Factory for a delicious meal together.

The kids got cards and gifts from their grandparents. I love this shirt for Colin.

Our family spent actual Valentine's Day in an impromptu trip to the lake.

I had taken a book there recently and noticed a family luring some ducks over with some bread. Then they were bombarded by tons of water birds. It looked pretty fun to me, so we did the same thing. The girls loved it, while Dax remained a safe distance away : )

A perfect opportunity to get a nice picture of all three. Hannah had a different opinion.

A little better- 2 out of 3 are smiling.

We're back to no kids smiling...and we're done.

We enjoyed dinner with a view.

And then flew our little kites. Chloe was really interested this time, and with a little assistance from Dax, she got it up in the air!

Who doesn't love a playground?

Hannah's new pose for pictures is positioning her hands in interesting ways.

She got brave and climbed a pretty high rope.

Yeehaw! If you can say that while riding a dolphin.

Balance beam.

Suspicious looks.

Some days, Chloe looks so grown up to me!

She's still a funny girl with lots of enthusiasm. Lately she likes to sing Happy Birthday, interrupting it with an order to "Blow!!!!" She's also working on her letters. I used to sit and work with Hannah on hers, and now that there are 3 kids, you know how that goes, so Chloe gets taught letters through play or whenever we happen to see one. She does a pretty good job on her own, though. When I asked her to tell me all the letters the other day, she knew many I had never introduced. She's still working on M. She sees it and throws up her hands, shaking her head- haha.

Here we go with the poses again. This is what I got when I said, "Smile pretty!"
Hannah also will talk your ear off. I'm trying to get her to understand she can just talk to me without every sentence beginning with "Mommy? Mommy?" or "Excuse me.." It's so nice that she does say excuse me when trying to get attention, but it can be kind of aggressive, too, so I'm trying to teach her about tone of voice. Phew! It's tough. She did ask me something funny the other day.
H- "Can I play upstairs?"
Me- "Um we don't have any stairs."
H- "Can I still play upstairs?"
Me- "Sure, I guess."
H- "Yaaaaaay! Hey Chloe, Mommy's going to build you a purple bed!"

Wait a minute...I don't remember agreeing to that.

We had made Valentine's cards at Lillian's house a few days before, which I forgot to bring my camera for. Then we played over there on a wonderful sunny day, which I brought my camera for but forgot to take pictures. They have a playset in their backyard and Hannah asked, "Can I play in their park?" Then on Thursday, we decided to hang out again at the lake spot. We fed the birds, had lunch, and the kids had a great time jumping in leaves.

Enjoying the sunny day. I didn't realize how sunny it had been until I woke up from a nap later and Dax pointed out my red nose. Then I saw Colin had a little red nose of his own.

We are a little early for St. Patrick's Day.

Here are some videos! Just various ones to enjoy, but one is especially for Melody : )


Kate said...

I can't tell from the hand signs - what's the name of Hannah's gang? ;)

I love the pics of them all together!

melody said...

hahahaha! hannah's hand poses are so funny! and chloe does look so grown up in those pictures- she's so beautiful!
and i like the picture of you and colin in green and colin sitting happily in the slide.

i love the videos! it makes me happy to see colin enjoying my ball :) hahah i am hoping to maybe make some more to sell on my etsy store.
and the video of you all with the birds flying around made me tear up-- it's such a sweet and beautiful moment!