Mar 2, 2011

Bothers and Blessings

We can't believe our big girl is almost 4 years old! I think we comment on it almost
every day. She's very excited about her upcoming party this weekend.

And then there's the cheeky one. Still holding onto your Valentine's Day card, Grandma.

I love how they are so eager to do the simplest things, like go for a walk. It's so nice to have a park only a few doors down. It's not so nice that it takes forever to get ready to go to that park : )
She's warmed up to the purple raccoon, Grandma. Except she calls it her bear, which I guess it is since it's a Care Bear.

One day last week, we planned a library/park day with the Longs, but it was too rainy so we headed to one of our favorite malls- Willow Bend. When I was young, going to the mall was a luxury! Now it's a weekly occurrence it seems. Lillian and Colin had some moments together.

We usually play, eat lunch, and head back over to Godiva for a free chocolate, and enjoy them by the fountains. I actually remembered a bag of pennies this time.

So happy with her day.

Cheeky again : )

There is a great open space where the kids can blow off steam before nap times. Here they were play acting onstage.

Then they partnered up for some dancing. Jessica and I love to chat and watch them go.
We spent another impromptu day with them today- a different library, a new park (for me), a beautiful day, and a tasty but busy lunch at McAlisters. Lil was in school so Mikey had the girls all to himself- such a little gentleman.

Back at home, renovations have been underway. I dug out some scrapbook paper and decorated the dollhouse one night. I stayed up way too late. I'm still planning on putting up some popsicle stick trim to clean up the look : ) I especially like the massive "landscape" in the den. Looking forward to putting up some curtains.

I got inventive in the bathroom. A panty hose egg plus a shoebox equals a sink! I have no idea where I got that other container, but it's the bathtub.

Last week we also had our house blessing! Most years we do it with Father Justin alone for time's sake, but this year we were able to have his whole family over for dinner. The girls had a blast playing chase with the older girls, and the adults enjoyed some conversation. We ate tasty Nacho Pie, Taco Soup, and Key Lime Pie! I wish I had better pictures, but I guess I was having too nice of a time to remember the camera.

This guy is getting so active! He's really trying to move on his belly and ends up doing belly flops all over the place. He's rolling around, grabbing everything, and demands as much attention as he can get! He kind of has to, with those sisters of his around.

He's a fan of the piano. He loves to sit in my lap and bang away while jumping up and down. I love his face here when Hannah was trying to move his hand for him. She has figured out part of Mary Had a Little Lamb on her own now.

Looking slyly. "What else can I get into?"

Thwarted by Mommy, who is really excited he can feed himself a bottle now, throw it aside when finished, and roll over to some toys.

Haircut- it's been a long time, so I thought I would share. So much easier in the mornings.

Some days my family has to put up with the table looking like this.

I'm still working on my quilt projects! The sailboat quilt is very slowly coming along. I'm trying to improve my stitches and make them more even.

A newborn quilt is ready for a border and a batting. I went back to doing this by hand.

I attended the local quilt guild meeting recently, too. The guest speaker had everyone excited. Of course as someone new on the scene, I had no idea who she was, but I loved her right away and also loved all the quilts she shared. Her specialty is turning scraps into works of art. As someone who really can't afford yardage, but collects scraps instead, this really seemed like something I could do. So I searched her website for a simple one to start. This one is called "Crayon Box."
I ended up having so much fun with all the fabrics, I stayed up super, super late just cutting 2 1/2 inch strips. I know, exciting times, but I also listen to my favorite radio programs and podcasts and munch on snacks, so it's like a little retreat for me.

So mine is 12 squares instead of 32. I kind of ran out of steam for the moment since Hannah's party is coming up. Up close, I loved each and every square I put together (no, these are not sewn yet, so they are all messily layed out just to get the picture), but when I put them all together, it did not seem as bright and cheery as Bonnie's (quilter). Of course my photo was taken in a dark room at night and hers is floating on a country breeze in the sunshine, but something still bothers me. I covered all the orange up, but it was only slightly better. Maybe if the yellow were gone too...but hers has bright yellow. I left out purple, though... and this is what Dax hears me rambling about some evenings. : )

This little girl turned 2! We attended Finley's birthday party this past weekend. The kids had a great time playing on her new play structure in the yard and loved the homemade cupcakes! I got a bit myself, but boy it's hard carrying Colin everywhere, I don't get to do much else.

I finally set him in the grass with a little pal of his own.

You know what came next! He looks so pleased with trying to sneak grass into his mouth. At the playground today, I had to put him down to swing all the kids and a lady had to alert me he was eating wood chips. Back in my arms he goes. If he wasn't so heavy!

Dax gave his lecture on historical and contemporary vampires at NCTC today. He said besides a problem with the computer, he thought it was really well-received. His proud mom attended this one. He's looking to take this lecture elsewhere so we'll see what happens!

If you're my friend on Facebook, you know we've had a continuing problem with neighborhood cats who have dubbed our house the cool place to be. Or rather the cool place to stand and stare at each other while howling like two newborns. They started in the backyard. We catch them jumping the fence all the time. (3 or 4 different ones- and they pair up for their little faceoffs differently each time). Now they do it on our front walkway. I caught them in action this time. Sometimes, alerting them to our presence does nothing at all. They just stare at us like, "Yes? Do you need something?" and then go back to their antics. Someone suggested shaking a jar of change at them. That worked once. Another person suggested a BB gun, which is very unlike us even if we owned such a thing-ha! I think the squirt bottle will have to come out until they decide our place has lost it's fervor for whatever it is they're doing. The main problem is the girls have a hard time relaxing in their own back yard if they know a large cat might shoot through the yard at any moment.

Last but never least, a video selection for you this week. Lately, the girls wake me up about 7:30 in frantic mode, begging to listen to the "Marching Kids Dinosaur Song," which in adult speak is "Victory" from Lord of the Dance. Long story as to how they grew to love this piece and call it by such an interesting name. But what they want is for me to load it onto the computer and put it on a loop, so they can dance like maniacs for 1/2 an hour. I do not understand such energy first thing in the morning! Can't someone be a late sleeper like me? Of course that would mean they would become night owls like me and we can't have that. So anyway, before I turn it on, Hannah insists on getting her "dancing shorts." These are actually Chloe's shorts she wears under church dresses. But Hannah has claim on them now. She informed me that "pants make me dance funny." So here are the girls in all their glory. I especially love how they crack each other up and Hannah requests for Chloe to pretend she's playing the flute.

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melody said...

HAHAHA!! i love the video so much! i could watch them dance all day long. the flute thing is funny! and it's funny that hannah prefers chloe's certain shorts. maybe i should dance to a good, energetic song every morning- maybe it would wake me up for the day.

also, i love your haircut! it looks very nice and also comfortable and fun. i am so sick of my hair, but i've been wanting to have it really long for a while even though it's annoying.

the individual pictures of hannah and chloe are so cute- they are the cutest and sweetest little girls! and colin is so cute, too. i can't wait to see you guys. i talked with my manager and should be able to get a couple of days when you all come to memphis.