Mar 5, 2011

Mega-Birthday Post!

4 Years Old!

The kids have enjoyed attending so many birthday parties in their lifetime. We've had a couple of smaller parties for Chloe, but never for Hannah. This year we wanted to invite all of her friends. That could never happen in our house, so Nana was gracious enough to get us use of the gym at the Children's Home where she works! The party itself was the gift from Grandma, Nana, Dax, and myself. It's always fun to have an experience as a gift, don't you think?

We knew we wanted a bounce house, since that is Hannah's very favorite thing in the world. But what else could we do in such a big space? Then my wheels started turning. How about a storybook party? Hannah helped me pick out some of her favorite books, and we came up with activities to accompany each of them. This turned out to be a lot of fun to organize, and Hannah helped quite a bit, so she felt she had a part in it, too.

First off, Corduroy Birthday books for the snack table- snacks yet to be unveiled, I guess. : )

Strawberry Shortcake and Pinkalicious go with strawberry cupcakes, pink punch, and pink everything!

Big Sister, Little Sister and The Daddy Book show off pictures of Hannah with her sister and Daddy. Dax put this together.

Birthday Bounce House goes with...

Hop on Pop! And Strawberry Shortcake soccer goes with...

Beach ball soccer!

A play area for the littlest guests.

Two standbys at our house are Corduroy, who loses his button, and The Carrot Seed.
Project time!

Kids could choose a pot decorated with buttons...

fill it with dirt, plant a packet of seeds, water it, put in the little carrot signs Hannah helped me make, and label it with their name. An activity and party favor all in one.

The girls love this book!! So we had a real-life search and find. 4 toys were hidden around the gym. The kids marked the box next to the toy they found, and the last item...

...was a large art pad to take home. Sponsored by Teeny Tiny Mouse- A Book About Colors.

Next came Bright Stanley and Rainbow Fish. I was excited to come across some sparkly foam paper to make the fish. Hannah and I made fishing rods with a cork/magnet on the bottom to catch the fish. Watch out for the sharks!

Take your fish over to the art table.

The backs peeled off to stick on the paper. Glue down some buttons for eyes and bubbles,
add some sparkly glue pens, and you've got another party favor- a masterpiece! Paper Nights is about a boy who imagines nighttime adventures with his paper cutouts.

The girls arrive before the party starts!

I was sure the kids would stay in the bounce house the whole time, but to my surprise, they actually participated in everything. Parents were really good about introducing each activity to them. Here are all the action shots.

It got busy at the art table.

Colin was pleased to share the mat with a pretty young lady.
Melody's ball was a hit once again.

Little Chloe is not a huge fan of a lot of activity. This is true when we go to the park, parties, etc.
She prefers to find her own little space or just wander. She was super pleased to enjoy this snack. After I made sure to visit with all the guests, I tried taking her around a bit. She did the art project, and planted a plant, but didn't seem too interested in the bounce house. After such a big day for Hannah, and every day is about Colin, it's time for Chloe to have some 1 on 1 time I think.
Although, as a middle child, most of the time, her place of contentment is really at home with her siblings, just hanging out.

Present time! Now, a lot of parents are not into their kids getting a lot of new toys for their birthday, but my own opinion is that kids grow, and developmentally, Hannah could do with a few new things right about now that will challenge her and reflect the big girl she is becoming. She was born, she's our family, we are grateful to have her as a gift from God. I think those are all things to celebrate with the people we love, and I was happy to see her feel special.

We enjoy the delicious home-made cupcakes from Nana.

Some of us enjoyed just licking the icing. I also like the huge napkin face-wipe in the background-haha!

Since my family can't see up close, and they are always wanting to know the details, here are the gifts she received. Much needed colorful spring outfits. A super soft Tinkerbell blanket. A tea set she can paint designs on. 2 crafty kits including my favorite- tissue art! She got a magnetic calendar I've really liked for awhile. We keep giving them as gifts to other kids. It's time for her to learn more about how the week and month work. A couple of princess games and a Barbie movie. The girls picked out a Barbie movie from the library last week. I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be very good- the music was great and the story about true friendship was nice, too. They watched it countless times, so it's great they own one now. She got a special notebook, her first clock, embroidered head scarves for church, a beautiful crocheted doll ballet outfit from Megan, and a toddler Cinderella doll. Also, the prettiest rose mirror for her room.

Overall, we had a really great time, and Hannah had a wonderful day.

Backtracking a little, because I like putting up all the pictures I have, ourselves and two other families have begun a monthly potluck dinner- simple meals, non-immaculate houses, and no hard work policy. The Stokes went first with a spaghetti dinner and amazing Mississippi Mud cake from the Longs. Dax almost didn't get any leftovers the next day as I was sneaking the dessert a bit at a time.

Some of the kids hadn't seen Colin in awhile so he got lots of attention.

Now, I know you're thinking- all that news about the birthday, how's that dollhouse coming? : )
Well, maybe not, but I'm talking anyway. Using a box top, scrap cardboard, and some corks, we finally made our first piece of furniture. Hannah did a good job painting.

I sewed up a little pillow and duvet cover in Hannah's choice of fabrics.

And it fits wonderfully in the bedroom. I love all the color, since I'm too scared to use it in our real house. The other furniture is from the Dollar Store!

I've been hiding my own stash of nice dollhouse furniture from the girls. I didn't want all those years of collecting to be smashed to sliverines in an instant. But the more I thought about it, by the time they're old enough to be gentle, they might not be interested. And they're very interested now. So holding back the most fragile pieces, we furnished the rest of the rooms. No way were we going to make all this stuff anytime soon.

I even found an old Dad doll and his baby. Of course, he went straight to where all men go as often as they can.

Definitely a bachelor pad. Papaw is sending Hannah a family of dolls for her birthday, complete with a mini-van. Chloe will love that, too.

That's better. Have to be ready for the new homeowners. We left them a french horn, so they can learn something new.

Now go take a break and come back for a few brief videos!

Arrival at the party. Birthday Candles. Musical kids. Colin's new favorite toy. Colin standing!


The Robertson Family said...

WOW! Now that is a PARTY!!!!!!! Everything looks AMAZING! I believe you outdid all of my parties. You wanna plan Kayla's??? lol

MegaBirthday said...

This party was MEGA. Congrats to you for making all of your hard work pay off.