Mar 20, 2011

Spring Break Mega Post

We started off Spring Break with more dollhouse improvements. Are you tired of hearing about it? I'm not : ) Well, I decided before we painted the house, the seams and cracks should be closed. So we started a paper mache project! I knew I would need some patience if I were to give the girls a big bowl of gluey water, but we had fun for awhile.

Until we finished and I realized 5 whole bottles of glue still wasn't enough! Oh well.

Happy Birthday to Nana! Dax made the cake, and Chloe and I iced it. We will not be opening a bakery anytime soon. I left the room for a minute and Chloe took initiative with the color glow candles. (When we gave Anna her presents, I saw Chloe's face stuck in the cake in my peripheral vision).

Last Sunday (the 2nd Week of Lent) was the Sunday of Orthodoxy. After the Liturgy, we process around the church holding our patron saint icons.

Reading of the Gospel. By this point, our kids were picking grass and tossing it around, but it's still a lovely service.

We spent pretty much all of Monday cleaning and packing. Colin played peek-a-boo.

On the road! The kids were amazingly wonderful. For once our plans turned out to be fruitful.
I remember one time, we decided to leave at 4am so they would sleep the first few hours of the trip. Instead, they woke up at 4am, didn't nap, and stayed up until bedtime that night. Not good!
So this time we left around 9. We rearranged the seating so the girls could sit together and I would sit with Colin in the back. That way I wouldn't have to turn around constantly, and bottles and toys could be given without stopping. I planned plenty of activities for the girls, and it all worked out, everyone was peacefully happy. Here, we made our first stop at a run-down gas station, because when your 4 yr. old says she has to go, you don't wait to get to a RaceTrac! The kids played in the grass while we set up the dvd screens for the next leg of the trip.

After arriving at Grandma and Papaw's, we enjoyed a delicious spaghetti meal, and settled down for the evening. The girls enjoyed their sleepover on the floor.

The next morning, we hung out at the house, then headed out to meet Papa Hats and Granny B.
We haven't seen them in over a year, and they've never met Colin!

We played in their hotel room for awhile so the kids could spend some quality time with them.

The girls played toss with Papa Hats forever! Hannah never grew tired of throwing around their new stuffed animals.

Papa Hats is really going for it!

Colin, who had barely warmed up to anyone on the trip so far, was able to calm down and listen to Granny B for a bit. It seemed he reached a stage of only wanting Mom during this vacation, so I tried to leave the room if anyone wanted to some peaceful time with him.

Being goofy.

We took a walk around the outdoor mall.

The girls fell in love with all the bronze statues of children.

Walking over to Macy's.

Was this one a crime scene?

Family pictures facing the sun. Oh well.

Pretty purple flowers.

We all ate at Red Robin and Colin got his first taste of melon.

And he fell in love.

I could not convince him to eat the orange part.

He would not let it go!

He even took it to the car : )
Later that evening Aunt Melody made it to town so we got to hang out a little that evening.

The next day we headed to the zoo. It turns out a beautiful day during spring break makes everyone want to go to the zoo. We had to park in a semi-nearby neighborhood and walk quite a ways. It was also St. Patrick's Day, thus all the green! The girls' shirts said, "I'm a wee bit Irish."
Colin's shirt said, "Sham-rockin." : )

I was surprised and Melody was obviously repulsed that right next to the leopard and other large cat environments, a man was letting kids pet the animal skins. Hannah was curious, and one girl told her, "Don't worry. They're dead." Interesting...

Colin was fine with being strolled around most of the time.

Chloe had a great time letting Papaw point out all the animals.

Who doesn't love a meerkat?

Notice the similarity? Haha.

Gotta love the boat ride! I especially love this picture because my sister and I used to ride this very ride at this very spot when we were little. We've seen the video more than a few times- it's so neat to see my own kids enjoy it.

Their fans watch in admiration.

A very suspicious bear exhibit.

Train ride- the girls were begging for this from the beginning.

After a long wait in the lines for a pork-barbeque lunch, we saw more animals, then cooled off in the little pools at the entrance. Hannah got a little confused when I told her we needed to change her pants before we left. She kept dropping her shorts then and there! No, no- in the bathroom!- we kept saying.

After the zoo, and all that walking, my mom invited me to her jazzercise class. I thought I might not make it through much of the class. In fact I had never been to any exercise class, so I didn't know what to expect. My mom had all the moves down pat, and I only danced the wrong direction a few times. : ) It was a lot of fun, and as long as I kept moving, I felt I could go on.
We enjoyed my dad's famous onion rings the next day for lunch, took the kids to the park, then Dax and I got a night out to ourselves. We went to our favorite TN restaurant, O'Charley's, and saw "The Adjustment Bureau," which we both enjoyed. We headed back the next day, the trip not quite as smooth as it was on the way there. Let's just say I lost my head for a bit and Dax got me back on track! When we returned home, our old friend Mike was waiting for us!! He's staying with us a few days because this is his UNT professor's big retirement weekend. Mike moved to California several years ago with his wife Katherine, also a good friend of ours (Dax and I like to claim we set them up originally) to take jobs as music professors. We've missed them so much, and it's been fun to introduce Mike to our kids!

Look what I got! The big new thing at my parents' house is to ride bikes. I grew up riding bikes during much of my free time. I finally got a bike a few years back, but it was stolen before I even got to ride it. Now, after riding in my parents' great neighborhood with a beautiful pond and geese roaming the streets, and after a suggestion that my mom might get me a bike as an early present, I went and picked one out! Melody also loved this bike and got one. I didn't find the same brand when I looked, but I got the same color- and that's what matters, right?

So every time I've ridden with my mom, she laughs and says I look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Then she tells me the same thing the next time, forgetting that she called me a with the last time! Apparently, I'm very scary-looking on a bike. This one's for you, Mother!

Chloe gives it a try.

You know who comes next.

I rode off down the street for a minute and the girls assumed I was taking a long trip without notice. They called after me, waved good bye, told me to be careful, etc. Then Hannah said she wanted to go, too. She didn't believe me when I told her it wasn't possible, so here is me proving it to her- haha.

So onto a couple of quick videos. 1. First signs of crawling. 2. Bottom-in-the-air scooting.
3. The trip to Memphis, happy and peaceful. 4. The trip home to Texas, the opposite.

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Now, I am going to have to get a bike! Looks like yall had loads of fun during Spring Break!