Apr 15, 2011


We have a budding National Geographic photographer. That is if we had beautiful flora and fauna in our living room, and if there was really a camera on that tripod. Dax told her it what it was for and she took up the proper position on her own. She would 'take a picture' then move on to set up the tripod somewhere else. It entertained her for quite a while : )

I'm a published illustrator! I guess I can mark that off my bucket list. I believe I posted some of these paintings way back when I first completed them. Well, thanks to the author's efforts to get it published, it's now for sale.

Large photos!

We did complete another one, but it's awaiting a publisher at the moment.

One morning Hannah woke me up excitedly. "Mommy! I made people!! Come see!"

We had some visitors last week and the girls got to meet baby Helene.

Hannah got this outfit for her birthday, but at the time was not excited about wearing the headband so I just put it away. The other day we were headed out the door and I turned around to see this.

That's better!

Despite all the wide open spaces he could army crawl around, Colin frequently chooses this tight pathway and then fusses about being stuck. : ) So we pushed the chair out a bit for his traveling convenience.

The other day, he was crawling out of his room and I said, "Chloe, where is Colin going?"
She said," To the living room. To eat chicken."

The kids decorated this cake for some friends we had over. They will be applying for summer jobs at Baskin Robbins and this is going in their portfolio.

Since the church garage sale is around the corner, it was time to clear out some stuff to contribute, and once again our garage is a random mess. Here's what I found in the first square foot. Music stand, paint can opener, pine-cone, flower tag, balloon pump, brass horn mute, top holder for a stack of blank cds, a trombone mouthpiece, and a glass bottle. This is going to take awhile...

We finally opened Colin's Christmas present from Nana. He's very happy to sit on it, but of course cannot get up or down yet. He'll have fun scooting around soon, I'm sure.

Colin turned 10 months old! This is his official front yard portrait.

There he goes! His first (and hopefully last) time to run away from home.

Having a coffee table makes for way better forts.

Life is exhausting. I hear ya, Colin.

We took our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese this week. I haven't been there since it was Showbiz pizza, so I was excited about going to this birthday party. However, I was a little anxious. Often times, Dax is busy at church during events like these, and it's a whole lot of work to take 3 little ones to an unfamiliar place and keep everyone cared for and happy. Thankfully, it all went great and I loved seeing them explore everything.

Chloe claimed this one right away. She could tell it was something pretty cool.

This was her favorite, though. Mainly because she could put the tokens in all she wanted on her own. This little car also takes your picture and prints it out, so my pockets were stuffed with those!

Dax would have been proud. He loves this game.

I was happy to show them this one. : )

Hannah's technique is a little different.

Who doesn't love ski ball? I was interested to see how this would go. They didn't quite have the strength to roll them into the pits, and didn't quite have the coordination to roll them instead of throw them. They improved their game, and we were surrounded by red balls all over the floor before they lost interest and left me to roll them all back- which I gladly did.

Chuck E. Cheese is an interesting place. I remember a huge stage with animatronic creatures and songs. Now it's screenvision with 2 kid reporters, an animatronic Chuck E. in the corner, and then a real Chuck E. walking around throwing little dance parties. The host and I had a laugh over the amplified Justin Bieber song, "Baby" sung in Chuck E.'s voice. A little creepy, especially since he was talking about he "was 13 with his first love." I didn't see the relation to a 4 yr. old's birthday, but of course it didn't matter to the kids.

Chloe finally warmed up to the big guy and danced along.

Colin did a great job in his stroller most of the party so he was rewarded with his first piece of pizza. Yummmm. On our way out, we had the classic moment of everyone tucked and strapped safely in the van, they have their waters, we packed our bags, and I hear, "I need to go to the potty." So out we all got all over again. I think it took us about 30 minutes to leave! They were so tired when we got home, I could barely take their shoes off before they flopped into bed.

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