Apr 23, 2011


Lone Star Wind Orchestra had a concert last Sunday entitled "Passions: Icons of an Era."
I had a great time rehearsing this and a great time performing! Here is our horn section in the green room. Chris, me, Heather, Heather, Amy, and Heather. You can imagine it's difficult to get each other's attention with these names. We even tried separating it with a last name initial, but that would still make two Heather T.'s

Here we are onstage with one of the group's founding members and present percussionist, Barry Knezek.

I found a good picture of the rehearsal with Leonard Slatkin. Here is probably telling us to play quieter : ) My seat is on the other side of the bass player you see.

Dax recorded a bit of the rehearsal! It's a little hard to hear his instruction, but we are playing "Song of the Blacksmith" from Holst's 2nd Suite in F. For non-music folks, this video shows that different conductors truly do different things with the music. Everything grinds to a hault when we hit an ambiguous bit of the music. He explains how he wants it, and off we go again : )

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Svetleah said...

Oooh! Thanks for posting that video! I wish I still played!