May 16, 2011

May 16

Happy 60th, Daddy!

So we were able to use another photo program (not as good and a lot more time consuming) but we wanted to get the last of our pictures on before Dax and I take our trip! We found a new park nearby that's got lots of green space for the kids to play along with the swing set, picnic benches, etc.

We had a nice picnic on the lawn with our friends and played a little soccer.

Little man pretending to read.

Can you tell by his face he's use to all this spoiling and attention from his sisters?
(It looks like Hannah's licking him! But it's just pre-kiss : )

3 Expressions.

We had to make some room for collecting church yard sale items, and the girls took advantage of the coffee table being so close to the couch. Don't worry, it was ended quickly, but I got a good action shot.

Playing doctor. Hannah had it all worked out. She had a rotation where the three of us played doctor, nurse, and patient in that order. Chloe made the best nurse I thought since she was willing to run around the house for all sorts of items the doctor demanded such as toilet tissue for a leg cast.

Colin has discovered that it's funny to put something on your head. Even when it's nothing!
He can also hold up a phone and pretend to talk.

He's 11 months now! Still doing the army crawl with a little bit of hands and knees crawling mixed in. But the most important development is that he can pull up now. Can you see how proud he is?

The problem is can't get back down, so especially when I put him down for a nap, I have to go back in a couple of times to lay him back down since he can't resist the temptation to stand up, and then scream when he is stuck there.

We've done a few projects lately. We've been going through a toddler version of the Bible.
They love the idea of creation. So we made planet Earths. Then they gave me a clear reflection of our 21st century of life. So God made this couch? Well, not exactly. What about that window? The tv? All that's a little tougher to explain and shows exactly how much of nature they don't see on a daily basis. That will need to be improved, I think, before the Texas heat comes our way.

God also made plants so we discussed the parts of a flower, how it grows from a seed, and all that good stuff. They've planted seeds before, but we rarely grow anything. I thought I was being pretty clever when we used sunflower seeds and glued them onto some cocoa (in order to avoid actual dirt getting everywhere). I was thwarted when the glue wasn't quite dry and dripped gluey chocolate down the walls. Not so easy to clean : )

Hannah's improving her coloring skills.

And the girls draw aaaallll day. They prefer markers, but will draw on any paper they can find.
This is the first very clear family I found drawn on Hannah's art pad.

After we made the above photos for Papaw, I let them play outside for a minute while I loaded them on the computer. I turned around when Chloe asked me to wash her hands. What is all this?? Mud caked everywhere. I looked outside and found this. They had dumped out all our flower pots (some with seedlings actually growing) and mixed them up with water into a paste. This wasn't just mud, it was really a wet, wet paste- muddier than mud. When Hannah saw my face, she said, "Yay! It's muddy day!!!" So I sprayed it all down with a hose, including her, gave them baths, and cleaned out the muddy tub. All things I had already done the day before to prepare for the trip. I'm hoping it's not 3 times a charm. Speaking of messes, I woke up the other morning to Chloe at my bedside, fingers covered in some kind of white, oily stuff. Noo! I had left my best candle out the night before. Here is what she finger-painted with very hard to remove wax. I toured the house to find it on: couches, coffee table, kitchen chairs, book case, smeared over the entire kitchen floor, oven door, dishwasher.

Another place to stand.

I played for 4 graduation ceremonies this weekend. I was excited to see a good friend was in the horn section, too, so we had a nice time. It can be pretty painful on the lips to play at these things because of all the non-stop repetition, but it's great to see all the families and graduates who have waited so long for this day. I feel happy I get to be involved in making this day great for them.

Last but not least, my horn professor from UTK passed away last weekend. He was a wonderful man and left a positive impression on everyone he met. Visit "Memories of Calvin Smith" on Facebook.

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melody said...

i looooove love the pictures for daddy's birthday- they are so cute and perfect!