May 2, 2011

Pascha 2011

So what you see here is styrofoam. When approached, I was on sending important e-mails.
I heard, "Hey Mommy, what's this?" "Styrofoam," I said. And then it began. I kind of knew what was going on behind me, but I didn't dare look until I was finished on the computer, because at least I did have a few minutes of peace.

Hannah's picture of a dinosaur eating a salad.

Now for Easter, I'm disappointed because our IPhoto has stopped working! It just closes every time we open it, and I can't get some photos off I really wanted. So for Easter, Dax put the pictures from the camera onto a flash drive and uploaded them to the computer that way. They aren't as clear as they would normally be, but I suppose that's okay in the grand scheme of things.

Holy Saturday is typically when we receive new people into the church. Usually these folks have been through nearly a year of classes with Father Justin and fully understand and embrace the Christian life they want to lead. We all fall repeatedly, but it's the intention and grace of God that keep the faithful going. This year 3 were baptized and 2 more were chrismated. I think I have that right. In any case, it's a beautiful service, one of my favorites of the whole year.

The "newly illumined" wear white. They didn't have robes when I went through this. I remember wearing a white shirt and khaki pants : )

They circle the tomb of Christ 3 times, which is of course out at that point because Pascha is the next day. One of my very favorite songs is sung at this point. I believe I've posted it before. "As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. Alleluia." The melody is really beautiful.

After that service, we headed to the Finley/Benton Easter gathering. I love seeing all the kids in bright, happy colors. I guess they've run out of eggs to hunt.

My 3 munchkins. You'll never get them to look at the camera together and smile, but that just means I get three interesting faces instead!

Movie star Chloe. She loves sunglasses.

Peacefully discovering her bounty.

Colin's always on the move. Sitting still is not his thing anymore.
The kids received wonderful Easter Baskets and the girls got beautifully hand crocheted doll clothes with teeny-tiny babies. Another picture I won't have access to quite yet.

Our Pascha service begins at 11:30pm and ends around 3:30am. My first year with Hannah was spent on the second floor rocking her all night. The next couple of years, we kept the kids at home and had someone else watching them, I believe. This year we felt brave. I decided all the kids would come and sleep in the all the other kids do every year. We brought blankets and pillows, they were bundled up in their pajamas. And no one slept. Not even a wink. But they were also being awfully good, so there didn't seem reason to pack them all up and go home. We could all nap the next day if needed. So around 4am, we celebrated the Resurrection and the whole parish was able to eat meat and dairy once again : )

Liquor is considered a delicacy by this time as that's also part of the fasting. So some people brought their personal stashes so they could share a taste with friends. Somehow a few ended up in front of Colin, and I got this funny picture of his priest offering him a sip in jest.

One section of the feast.

Most of these people are from one family! They set up a whole picnic. Another family was outside with a waffle maker! And most people could be found in line with the food.

The kids obviously fell right to sleep when we got home, and then promptly woke up at 8am. They were great the whole day and you could never tell they had missed almost an entire night of sleep. I suppose one day a year isn't too much to ask, especially when they get so much candy out of it. Here they are getting their baskets from me and Dax.

Back to church that afternoon for a Vespers service and picnic-egg hunt.
They have their own signature colored baskets and outfits of course.

Another one with 3 different expressions. : )

Our sweet pea.

Our lovely lady.

And our "goofy guy" who couldn't sit still for a close-up.

There we go!

Three lovely sisters and friends of the girls.

Unhappy about something. Hard to keep track these days.

Me and mini-me.

I'm so proud of Dax and everything he does, but mostly proud of this wonderful family he's given me.

I think Dax found a baby and is putting him in his basket to take home.

We had a great weekend. Hope to see you soon with more pictures if we can retrieve them!

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melody said...

hannah and chloe are so pretty in their dresses with their little ponytails! and colin is very handsome :)